Tender dance of former president Juan Manuel Santos and his granddaughter Celeste

A tender 11 second video, posted by Esteban Santos, It is going viral in Colombia. In it, the former president Juan Manuel Santos appears in the company of his granddaughter Celeste dancing Give me your little thing, a retreaded song of a green alien. The little celestial, daughter of Maria Antonia Santos, She looks excited, […]

Piñera finally started the tender for 5G technology: “It will change our lives”

In the midst of the so-called technological war between China and the United States, President Sebastián Piñera kicked off the tender for 5G technology in Chile, which increases Internet connection speed 10 times compared to the current 4G, and notably reduces latency, favoring interconnection between devices (internet of things). “It will change our lives,” said […]

Tender video of Juan Manuel Santos’ granddaughter when she meets her little brother

The little one was born this Monday, September 28, they confirmed in networks María Clemencia de Santos and Sebastián Pinzón, husband of the former president’s daughter Juan Manuel Santos. Likewise, the other members of the family pThey posted photos and videos where they welcome Mariano. What attracted the most attention among network users was the […]

Francisca Valenzuela shares a tender photo for her boyfriend’s birthday

In love! Francisca Valenzuela shares a tender photo for her boyfriend’s birthday Francisca Valenzuela is usually reserved about her love affair, however, this time she couldn’t stand it and published a nice message for Vicente. The national singer Francisca Valenzuela shared a tender photo with her boyfriend Vicente to celebrate his birthday. Although she does […]

Gáldar puts out to tender the works of the new institute

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aug 19 (EFE) .- The City Council of Gáldar has put out to tender the works of the new Institute of Secondary Education (IES) that will have 24 classrooms for secondary, 12 for Baccalaureate and 3 for training cycles. The Galician City Council has approved this Monday in plenary session, […]

Francesco Totti, the tender dedication to his wife Ilary Blasi: “You and me”

Romantic moment for Francesco Totti e Ilary Blasi. A photo taken at sunset and posted on Instagram gave the champion an opportunity to make one dedicate to his wife. “You and me,” writes the former captain of Rome accompanying the image that has immortalized a tender exchange of glances. The post inevitably sparked the hearts […]

The police accused the second man of Czech firefighters due to a tender for the simulation of air accidents – ČT24 – Czech Television

At the headquarters of the fire brigade, Vavera is currently in charge of human resources management as a deputy. In the past, he worked directly at the Ministry of the Interior; first as a deputy, later as the head of the cabinet of deputy Monika Pálková, who was appointed by former minister Milan Chovanec (ČSSD) […]

Gino Assereto reaffirms his love for Jazmín Pinedo with a tender message

The EEG competitor explained that every day he arrives and leaves the program with Jazmín “For me, China is a very special person,” said Gino. Photo and video: EET Gino Assereto highlighted his love for Jasmine Pinedo. The EEG competitor spoke about his feelings towards his ex-partner and mother of his youngest daughter. “La Chinita, […]

The funny and tender video of Cristián Sánchez and his daughter

Cristian Sanchez He often shares family records with his followers. The ESPN host, who is away from broadcast TV, this time surprised with a tender and fun record with his daughter Gracia. “My daughter is ashamed of me. I tried to befriend ‘Siri’, but asked an inappropriate question. Look at Grace’s disappointed face “, commented […]

Mery del Cerro’s tender message for Mila’s birthday and the coincidence with Olivia, Paula Chaves’ daughter: “You are our heroine”

Mery del Cerro He chose a family photo and a sweet message to greet his daughter Mila, who turned 5, the same day that her friend Olivia, the daughter of Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso, was also celebrating. “Happy 5 years love of my life, you are our Heroine. You are so the most !! […]