Jakasampurna-Marga Jaya Section of Becakayu Toll Road Opens, Fare Rp 14 thousand

Jakarta – Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu (Becakayu) Toll Road Sections 2A and 2A Ujung Jakasampurna-Marga Jaya with a length of 4.88 km will be opened for trial on Friday (24/3/2023). With the opening of the toll road section, the entire Becakayu Toll Road will soon be fully operational. PT Waskita Toll Road (WTR) subsidiary, PT Kresna Kusuma … Read more

Repeated Jatikarya Toll Road Demonstrations Create Long Traffic Jams

Jakarta – A number of residents claim to be heirs demo at Jatikarya toll road. They are blockade the motorway with bamboo to sacks. This demo is not the first time, but the umpteenth time. The demonstration which was held on Wednesday (22/3) afternoon caused a long traffic jam. The demonstrators demanded compensation for the … Read more

Residents Block Jatikarya Toll Road Again, Jagorawi Has Severe Traffic Congestion

Wednesday, March 22 2023 – 18:55 WIB LIVE Subway – The blocking action by residents on the Jatikarya toll road occurred again, Wednesday, March 22, 2023. As a result of the blocking, the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road section was closed. The blockade of the Jatikarya toll road has also caused severe traffic jams on the Jagorawi … Read more

[POPULER PROPERTI] Jasa Marga Responds to the Problem Fire Cars Can’t Enter the Jatiwarna Toll Road

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Instagram social media was shocked by a video of a fire engine (Damkar) vehicle which was complicated when trying to enter and cross the Jatiwarna Toll Road, Bekasi City, Monday (20/3/2023). This video is presented in the uploaded Instagram account @net2netnews. Tuesday (21/3/2023). The 54-second video captures the situation of firefighters who … Read more

Viral Damkar Difficulty Entering Jatiwarna Toll Road, Jasa Marga Reprimands Officers

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023 15:30 WIB Illustration. The video of the fire engine having difficulty passing through the toll gate because it was allegedly hampered by Jasa Marga’s customer service officers went viral on social media. (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Asprilla Dwi Adha) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — A video showing a fire engine having trouble getting … Read more

the deadly toll of the sinking of migrants on their way to Mayotte revised upwards

The death toll from the shipwreck overnight from Saturday to Sunday off Madagascar of a boat carrying migrants to the French island of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean, has risen to 34 dead, maritime authorities announced on Tuesday March 14. Malagasy. Contrary to those initially announced, the boat that sank around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday … Read more

People are being swept away by the water, buildings are collapsing. The death toll from Storm Freddy has surpassed 200

Death toll from Tropical Cyclone Freddy rises to 190 in Malawi she stated on Tuesday, according to Reuters, Malawi’s disaster management agency. As recently as Monday, the office reported 99 dead. According to the authorities, 584 people were injured and 37 are still missing. Rescue work continues, they are also using shovels to search for … Read more

Turkey announces a new death toll from the devastating earthquake

Dubai – Al Arabiya.net Published in: March 13, 2023: 01:13 PM GST Last updated: March 13, 2023: 02:26 PM GST Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu announced today, Monday, that more than 6.6 thousand people who died in the devastating earthquake that struck the country last month are foreign citizens, most of them Syrians. “Currently, there … Read more

Information on Speed ​​Rules on the Latest Toll Roads

Rules are made so that people can live in harmony together. But often there are still people who see it as a hateful boundary. In the context of driving, rules are enforced so that safety can be created. That’s why there are also speed rules on toll roads to ensure every driver arrives safely at … Read more