Ryal posted again for the comfort of all parties. After the drama tour “Kru Sala”

Which I myself have errors in many matters. Brother Joy, he has more experience. Brother Choi, he is my teacher’s level. which is a great honor for me to sing with P’ Choi I want everyone to see it as a show. More than a race Teacher Salah is a national artist and someone I … Read more

The international jazz festival “Voicingers On Tour” will take place in Riga for the second year already.

From August 9 to 14, the international jazz masterclass festival “Voicingers On Tour” will take place for the second year in the Latvian Academy of Music, cultural space “M/Darbnīca” and VEF Culture Palace. The program of the “Voicingers On Tour” festival is planned to be organized in two parts – a series of master classes … Read more

Philippe Gilbert accuses the UCI of negligence after the crash during the second stage of the Tour de Burgos

« As the riders’ representative for the Commission des aUCI athletes, I support all the riders who unfortunately crashed at the Tour de Burgos. I defend the safety of athletes and denounce this kind of breach Gilbert, representing the riders in meetings with the UCI, wrote in a statement. The future retiree warned of the … Read more

BLACKPINK Officially Announces Their World Tour And Which Countries They Will Visit

popular girl group Kpop He has finally announced his world tour, revealing the dates and countries he will visit, but disappointing his Latin fans by not including any concerts in the region. Today and through its social networks, the most important Kpop female group in the world, BLACKPINK, has announced the dates of its long-awaited … Read more

Mai Charoenpura is unable to take a break from the big concert. Preparing for a foreign job tour – fresh news

Mai Charoenpura is unable to take a break from the big concert. Preparing for a foreign tour Follow the news, press follow, live news After a long break, releasing music until the fans ask and also miss the big concert of the young singer New Charoenpura Recently, the young singer came to join the sacrifice … Read more

The uniqueness of The Trans Icon Surabaya is expected to become a tourism magnet and the new economy of East Java

The presence of Trans Icon in Surabaya, is expected to not only be a new tourist magnet, but also a residential solution for the citizens of the City of Heroes. Moreover, the city of Surabaya, which has the status as a Metropolitan city, certainly has high economic and business mobility. This was stated by Fransiskus … Read more

Roméo Elvis cancels his tour in France, a sign of the difficulties of the entertainment world?

Since last weekend, several attempts at explanations have been put forward in various Belgian and French media: “concert jamming”, “problems with the supply of technical equipment and shortage of qualified labour”, even “bad sales”. In addition to testimonials at the Ronquières Festivalour sounding of the sector in Belgium confirms a difficult general situation due to … Read more

The Kid Laroi is on a European tour – “Amsterdam has the best weed, Switzerland has the best chocolate”

published4. August 2022, 04:57 The Kid Laroi: “I’m sorry – I thought Sweden was the country with the best chocolate” With “Stay” he landed a summer hit, with “Thousand Miles” he wants to follow suit. In an interview, The Kid Laroi talks about his visit to Switzerland, his girlfriend and his success. 1 / 8 … Read more