Estonians sign a contract for the purchase of ten more passenger trains from Škoda

Estonian the state-owned passenger train operator “Eesti Liinirongid”, working under the “Elron” brand, has signed an agreement with Czech Republic “Škoda Group” for the delivery of ten more trains. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The company said that the number of train passengers has increased rapidly in recent years, so the number of … Read more

Mozart’s Mercenary Group Trains Ukrainian Soldiers Kills Russian Troops

loading… The Mozart Group has admitted training Ukrainian soldiers to kill Russian troops on the front lines. Photo/Ed Ram/The Guardian KIEV – Group mercenaries The Mozart Group admits training soldiers Ukraine to kill the team Russia on the front line. This acknowledgment was conveyed by the founder and CEO to Afshin Rattan from Russia Today … Read more

He throws himself under a train at the age of 26. He leaves a note to trace the parents

He throws himself under a train at the age of 26. He leaves a note to leave directions on how to trace the parents. For the third time in a short time, the Padua polfer intervened at the Mestrino station for a fatal investment. The train that hit the boy is the regional train that … Read more

Barraqueiro postpones Braga-Faro trains to January 2029

The Portuguese railway company CP will only face competition when the first phase of the new Porto-Lisbon line is completed, this because the Barraqueiro group, which had planned for this month the start of circulation of 22 new daily connections, seven of them between Braga and Faro, postponed its entry into the rail market to … Read more

A Palestinian with a long driving record killed a 16-year-old girl and a 19-year-old boy in Germany

According to the Bild newspaper, Ibrahim A. has a lengthy criminal record. He has come into conflict with the law twelve times since 2015. He committed most of his acts in Euskirchen. For example, he was investigated for theft, damage to property or grievous bodily harm and threats. He again committed credit card fraud in … Read more

Fewer or no trains around Haarlem for six days due to work | inland

Due to track work, less train traffic than usual will be possible around Haarlem from Thursday for six days. The NS reports this on Monday. There will be no trains at all between Haarlem and Leiden until 31 January. In addition, there will be no trains to Santpoort Noord and Zandvoort during the weekend. Finally, … Read more

Accident Trenord train shunting in the Central Station, damage to the power line and tracks: traffic slowed down, stop canceled

Delays and cancellations for rail traffic in Milan after a shunting Trenord regional train, with no passengers on board, passed a signal causing damage to the power line and a bundle of tracks. It happened around three twenty on a Friday afternoon. This was announced by Ferrovie dello Stato, according to which the damage caused … Read more

Taiwanese people make a fuss about “reserved seats as free seats” on Japanese trains, fellow villagers helpless: familiar hometown flavor | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Life Center / Reported by Shi Yuyun ▲ After Japan opened its borders at the end of last year, tourists have poured into Japan. (Schematic diagram / flipped from Pixabay) Since the Spring Festival holiday started, many people will travel abroad. Since Japan opened its borders at the end of last year, tourists have poured … Read more

Two brothers block 55 trains, delay 100 others, by cutting cables on the La Louvière/Charleroi line

The circulation of trains between Piéton and Marchienne-au-Pont had been interrupted this Monday, shortly before 2 p.m.: in question, cable thieves, two brothers who had cut several dozen copper sections, at the height of Monceau-sur- Samber. *** **** ******** **** ******* ****** ** ** ** ** **** *** ***** **** ** ******** ******* ** ******* … Read more