Former Speaker of the Chamber Irene Pivetti on trial for tax evasion and self-laundering

The judge for the preliminary hearing, Fabrizio Filice, accepted the request of the prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia. Five other people were also judged, including former rally driver Leo Isolani. The trial will open on June 13 in front of the fourth criminal section of the court. The former Northern League: “An adventure novel that we will … Read more

M jak miłość, episode 1722: Paweł will accuse his son Sowiński of trying to rape Basia during the trial. There will be strong evidence – PHOTOS

In the 1722 episode “M jak miłość”, the trial of Paweł Zduński (Rafał Mroczek) will begin, whom the businessman Sowiński (Konrad Jałowiec) accused of beating and stealing the phone. But the case in court will have a second bottom. Of course, it is about the bestial attack of Sowiński’s son, Filip (Kacper Zalewski), on Paweł’s … Read more

‘You won’t get my hate’: Victim’s father addresses defendants in Brussels bombings trial

Many of the victims heard at the trial of the attacks mentioned, sometimes in veiled terms, their resentment towards the authorities. But none had been as explicit and had held such a structured speech as Eric Bastin, whose sister Aline, died at the age of 29 in the attack at the Maelbeek station. “I can … Read more

Trial of the attacks: “Unbearable to know that she suffered such a cruel death”

Mélanie Defize was a musician and musicologist. The young woman, originally from Condroz, embodied what Daech abhors. “She always wanted to make life more beautiful, “said his mother, Marie-Andrée, who was choking in her tears.”It is unbearable for me to know that she died such a cruel death without me being able to hold her … Read more

two Liège families devastated by the death of a daughter and a sister

This 67-year-old doctor closed his testimony by addressing the defendants: “You will not have my hatred, because hatred is wanting the death of the other, and I do not want the death of anyone, it is the justice I want,” he said. “You won’t have my hatred, but you won’t have my forgiveness either (…) … Read more

Trial of the Brussels attacks: “For me life stopped with her”, confides the mother of a victim

PFor me life stopped with her, “said Thursday, before the Assize Court responsible for the trial of the attacks in Brussels, the mother of Mélanie Defize, killed in the explosion of the bomb at the Maelbeek metro station. Rather than recounting the “intolerable” day of March 22, 2016 and the “nightmarish nights” that followed, the … Read more

Trial of the Brussels attacks: ‘Aline, I came here for you to live for a moment’, the testimony of Pierre Bastin for his daughter

Today the sorrow remains present, immense “his room remained with us as it was with his books, the objects brought back from his trip […] I will remain in need of Aline forever, like a bird that has lost its wings”. But there are also many questions that remain unanswered about the causes of all … Read more

Trial of the attacks in Brussels: “I have lost faith in this country”, testifies a victim

Lhe brother of Aline Bastin, who died in the metro attack in Maelbeek, questioned himself, during his testimony before the Brussels Assize Court on Thursday morning, at the trial of the attacks of March 22, 2016, on the responsibility political representatives. He sharply criticized the competences of the state authority both with regard to the … Read more