Finally, HIV Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Results

HIV vaccines have been made since 40 years ago. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — There has not yet been found a cure for HIV disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus. Researchers have tried to create the HIV vaccine for nearly 40 years. Even that effort is difficult because of HIV’s tendency to mutate, evolve, and change rapidly. … Read more

‘Everything is done to break us’: 5 defendants walk out of Brussels bombings trial hearing in protest

Salah Abdeslam and four of his co-defendants in the trial of the March 22, 2016 attacks in Brussels left the courtroom on Wednesday morning to protest in particular against the conditions of extraction judged “unworthy”. “All we want is to talk, all we want is to defend ourselves”assured one of them, Ali El Haddad Asufi, … Read more

Belgium is preparing for the biggest case ever with trial attacks in Brussels | Abroad

05 dec 2022 om 05:56Update: een dag geleden More than six years after the attacks in Brussels, the substantive treatment of the lawsuit against the suspects will start on Monday. It is the largest court case in Belgium to date. What happened and what can we expect? On Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, Belgium was … Read more

How much did not have a “Nuremberg Trial” weigh on Italy? “The penalties have nothing to do with it, in Germany it had socio-political value”

Il November 20, 1945 opened to Nuremberg the first of several trials in which i crimes committed by Nazi leaders during the second World War and the abomination of Shoah. The decision to celebrate the trials was taken by States United, Great Britain e Russia. The Palace of Justice of the city which was the … Read more

OpenAI Invites Users to Trial Its Newest Chatbot, ChatGPT

You can now chat on various topics with AI The development of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) has been very fast in recent years. Its implementation is very broad, including in making a bot ready to chat. One of them is a dialogue-based AI called ChatGPT which was recently released. Bot it was developed … Read more

And with Gabasio, head of the legal office, still in office, the prosecutor wants to “win” without waiting for the trial

Among the numerous, heterogeneous reasons that led Andrea Agnelli and the entire Juventus top management to the painful decision to resign en bloc, there was certainly also a tactical choice: to anticipate the clash with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, resign before the prosecutors obtained their expulsion by judicial means, to defuse the mine. But that … Read more

Trial experience – the third-person platform fighting game “Divine Knockout” is scheduled to enter PlayStation Plus on December 6th | NOVA Information Square

Sharing of new details such as gameplay, new genre definition, and Q version of mythical gods. Alex CantatoreVice President of Publishing, Hi-Rez Studios Ever heard the saying “There’s nothing new in the world”? It turns out whoever said that was wrong! Divine Knockout brings a whole new genre to the game: third-person platformer fighting games. … Read more

Most expensive trial ever in our country: terror trial costs more than 35 million euros | Instagram VTM NEWS

BrusselThe terror trial in Brussels will cost the community at least 35.3 million euros. This is evident from documents from the FPS Justice. This makes it by a street’s length the most expensive process in Belgian legal history. The government contract, awarded to a consortium around Fabricom and G4S, is worth 24,177,000 euros. That includes … Read more

four defendants present at the trial of the terrorist attack in Grand-Bassam

Par : Laura| Key words : ivory, trial,| Updated on 01-12-2022 Four defendants were present in the box of the accused at the opening Wednesday in Abidjan of the trial of the murderous attack which left 19 dead and around thirty injured in March 2016 in Grand-Bassam (south-east). Among the four accused are the … Read more