The man suffered 31 years in prison. He was convicted of murder, which he did not commit

I’m innocent, he claimed all along The defendant was then convicted by the testimony of people who told the court that McKinnon was to be robbed and murdered by a man named Tommy James or Thomas James. The court also confirmed the testimony of the stepdaughter of the murdered man, who stated that she witnessed … Read more

the trial for the murder of Roberta Repetto is underway

Voluntary murder in competition: this is the accusation against Paolo Oneda and Paola Dora, the doctor and psychologist (both from Brescia and companions in life) who ended up on trial together with the “holy man” Vincenzo Paolo Bendinelli for the death of the 40-year-old Roberta Repetto, daughter of the former mayor of Chiavari Renzo Repetto, … Read more

The Justice ordered the house arrest of “Pity” Álvarez and set the start date of the trial

A court ordered the house arrest of the musician Cristian “Pity” Álvarez and ordered that he begin his trial on February 22. accused of shooting a resident of the Samoré neighborhood of Villa Lugano in July 2018, judicial sources reported today. The Oral Criminal and Correctional Court (TOC) 29, made up of judges Gustavo Goerner, … Read more

Billionaire indicted for biggest tax evasion fraud in US history goes on trial

The judge overseeing billionaire Robert Brockman’s tax evasion case, the largest against an individual in US history, has tentatively set a trial date for February 23, 2023. Brockman faces criminal charges for evade taxes on $2 billion in income and money laundering, as well as parallel civil lawsuits. But at 81, he suffers from dementia … Read more

Death threats to Speranza, Cagliari on trial

“See you in the morgue”, “we’ll kill your family and then we’ll skin you alive”. These are just some of the threats sent, between October 2020 and January 2021to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and four people for which the Public Prosecutor of Rome has ordered the direct summons for judgment. The letters, which … Read more

A huge flop: this former Liverpool player cut short his honeymoon, had a trial in Bruges… and missed out

Andy Carroll will not go to Club Brugge. The former Liverpool player, who had played at the club between 2011 and 2013, is in trouble. Author of disappointing seasons in recent years, the Englishman is looking for a way to revive himself. The Mirror tells us that he had the opportunity in Belgium, more precisely … Read more

Amber Heard announced that she will appeal the judgment of the trial against Johnny Depp, although to proceed she must pay a fortune

The actress Amber Heard announced that will appeal the sentence of the trial for defamation contra Johnny Deppafter last June 1 a popular jury fail to in favor of compensating the actor with 15 million dollars in damages. However, to proceed with the appeal you must pay more than 8 million dollarsan amount of money … Read more

Improbable: Lisa Brennauer crowned German time trial champion… after she finished her run

Authentic signed exploit Lisa Brennauer during the German time trial championships. Defending champion, the 34-year-old German retained her gold medal at the end of a… incredible race. Left very quickly (39km / h on average), the runner of the formation Ceratizit-WNT indeed gave himself a good scare a few hectometres from the finish, falling in … Read more

Build Strengths and Trial a Coalition of Political Parties Ahead of 2024

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Drum Election 2024 started to sound. A number of political parties have also started conducting political safaris to find friends in the same carriage to form a coalition to face the 2024 presidential election. Last night, Friday (25/6), the Chairman of the Democratic Party Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) also visited the … Read more