The best destinations for 2023 according to Lonely Planet | Trips

Are you planning a gastronomic trip? Point out the capitals of Peru, Malaysia and Uruguay, for example. Would you rather relax? So Lonely Planet suggests Jamaica, Jordan or Malta, between others. For the first time, the list of the best destinations to travel next year, released annually by Lonely Planet, brings 30 suggestions divided into … Read more

Migrants, Salvini: ‘They must be cut off, they are organized trips’ – Chronicle

“In the provision which tells the ship’s captain to leave the port of Catania with the 35 remaining migrants on board, there is no deadline, no time limit”. This was underlined by circles close to the Humanity 1 lawyers, also in relation to the timing of the presentation of appeals to the TAR and to … Read more

The survey showed what kind of trips people dream about: they want to get away from reality and even go back in time

Tourists want adventurous trips to distant lands, and even 40 percent respondents expressed a desire to experience a culture shock, writes Almost 47 percent of travelers said they would go to such countries where they would experience a complete culture shock, hear languages ​​they had never heard before, a quarter (24%) of respondents said … Read more

Hot, burnt and crunchy…”Killer pasta” changes the rules for preparing this dish

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Pasta can be prepared in all shapes, sizes and sauces. But the first stage of its preparation has always been simple, tested and correct.. Its consistency: Put the main ingredient (pasta) in a bowl of boiling salted water. However, spaghetti esacina, or the killer pasta, makes you reconsider everything … Read more

The confession of a singer who works on the luscious cruise ship

The pluses of Rachel Hudson’s job are not few – her cabin usually has a breathtaking view of the sea, she often has lunch in places like Capri or her coffee on the streets of Naples, and she has the chance to collect a tan almost year-round. Hudson is a singer on board the world’s … Read more

phrases in english to travel to british soil

With the recent announcement of the British Embassy in Colombia on the visitor visa removal for the entry of Colombians to the United KingdomStarting November 9 and continuing for a period of six months, many will be packing their bags and making preparations to travel to discover their culture, history and fascinating places. (Can read: … Read more

Naked inside an Italian church .. and the police accuse her of “committing obscene acts”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–From driving down an ancient staircase in Rome, to smashing statues in the Vatican, some tourists this summer were treating Italy as if it were their own theme park. It appears that three visitors to the Amalfi Coast will be charged with “obscene acts”, after a woman was arrested while taking … Read more

He exhibits luxuries and trips, but he has been living in the airport for 6 months

An investigation by Reportajes T13 exposed the reality of at least eight people who have transformed the Santiago Airport into their home. In the Santiago Airport there are at least eight people who have made this place their home. An investigation of Reports T13 He learned some stories of those who changed the street for … Read more

Energy, Meloni forced to look at the “enemies” of Paris. Trips to Warsaw and Kiev are on the agenda

Time is running out. The awareness of a commitment that will be difficult. And the encirclement between two unavoidable urgencies: that of finding the right point of fall for a government team that is at the level and the energy emergency. Giorgia Meloni has been dealing with all this, also barricaded yesterday in her Montecitorio … Read more

American abandons trips to New York, but airlines resume four other routes to and from Chile

The air market in Chile continues to recover, and in the coming months it is expected that at least four routes from different airlines, which had been suspended due to the effect of the pandemic, will resume operations in the country. The foregoing, despite the adjustment that affected one of the routes that connects the … Read more