Confidence in vaccine increases in Turkey

In the coronavirus vaccine perception survey, confidence in vaccines has increased by 13.9% since October 2020, while BioNTech was the vaccine that 52.7% of respondents found safe. Vaccination, which plays a major role in the fight against coronavirus, continues to be debated in the public. While some people do not find the vaccination right, the … Read more

Tourists are evacuated by boat from forest fires in Turkey – VG

A BATTLE: A woman tries to stop the spread of a forest fire in the village of Kacarlar on the Turkish Mediterranean coast on Saturday. Photo: AP / NTB Rescued tourists hurried to the beach to be picked up by boats when they were told on Saturday to evacuate from forest fire-ravaged Bodrum, Turkish media … Read more

Tourists are evacuated by boat from forest fires in Turkey

Turkish firefighters are battling massive forest fires on the fourth day. Two forest workers who took part in the firefighting work in Antalya in the south, lost their lives on Saturday, reports the state news agency Anadolu. SAVED TOURISTS: Two forest workers who participated in the extinguishing work in Antalya in the south, lost their … Read more

Get to know 5 Muslim scientists of the world and their discoveries

At present, it seems that the Western world has become a mecca of modernity from various aspects, from the fields of medicine, politics, technology, astronomy, and other sciences. But make no mistake, the Arab region and the Middle East used to produce scientists who contributed to various fields. .

Major evacuations Turkey due to forest fires: at least 4 dead and 200 injured | Abroad

Images show black plumes of smoke from the forest around Manavgat, which is about 75 kilometers east of the tourist city of Antalya. Mayor Sukru Sozen said the flames had spread to the center of the city, where many buildings were evacuated. “It is currently impossible to determine the extent of the damage. Several villages … Read more

A Lithuanian on holiday in Turkey is about an apocalyptic view of the ashes falling from the sky

The fires in Turkey erupted on Wednesday, primarily affecting a sparsely populated region about 75 km east of Antalya, a popular resort for tourists from Russia and Eastern Europe. On Thursday, fire approached sandy beaches, with many hotels and resorts nearby. Officials have launched an investigation into suspicions that fires on Wednesday at four locations … Read more

The fire in Turkey has approached the sandy beaches visited by tourists

As thousands of firefighters fight the flames, officials also launched an investigation on suspicion that the fires that erupted on Wednesday in four locations east of the Antalya resort were deliberately caused. The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Service reported that three people were killed in the fires, including an 82-year-old man who lived alone. … Read more

Audio and video recording equipment found in Belgian embassy in Turkey

The material would have been discovered on May 11, an investigation is opened and a suspect would have been identified, report our colleagues of “Laatste Nieuws”. DAudio and video recording equipment was discovered in the Belgian embassy in Ankara, the Turkish capital, report our colleagues from Latest news. The information has been confirmed by Foreign … Read more

Turkey Detains 208 Afghan Migrants on Sea Journey to Italy

loading… ANKARA – Authority Turkey intercepted one ship carrying more than 200 migrants Afghanistan across the Aegean to Europe. The intercept was reported by the Turkish coast guard and the International Organization for Migration on Wednesday (28/7). The intercept near Turkey’s west coast came as hundreds of Afghans were crossing into eastern Turkey from Iran. … Read more

Tourist resorts in Turkey are surrounded by thick smoke

Footage posted on social media and television shows flame-retardant material being poured from helicopters on flaming buildings and fields in and around the seaside town of Manavgat. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “all our citizens affected by the fire will be given all the support they need.” He added that an investigation had been … Read more