This is not Israel, this is Turkey!

loading… ANKARA – Police force Turkey forcibly dispersed members of Islamic mass organizations (mass organizations) who were conducting activities in a mosque southeast of Gaziantep. Those who were disbanded were members of the Furkan Foundation, which is known to be anti-regime to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government. The forced disbandment sparked protests on social media. … Read more

Rest in Turkey – the resort closed the hotel with the resting Ukrainians

A scandal at a hotel in Antalya erupted after one of the party participants leaked a video of what was happening on the network. This person turned out to be a Ukrainian animator working in another hotel. Due to the scandal, representatives of the ministries immediately came to the hotel for a check and began … Read more

Turkish Police Evict Alparslan Kuytul’s Followers from Three Mosques

loading… ANKARA – Authority Turkey forcibly expelled followers of the Islamic figure Alparslan Kuytul from three mosques in southern Turkey. The police said their prayer meeting was a provocation against the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Footage showed police clashing with a group of people at a mosque in Gaziantep province on Sunday and forcibly taking them … Read more

Ford’s smarter robots are speeding up the assembly line

In 1913, Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with the first movable assembly line, an innovation that made assembly of new vehicles faster and more efficient. Nearly a hundred years later, Ford is now using artificial intelligence to speed up existing manufacturing lines. The Ford plant in Michigan, where robots help assemble torque converters, now … Read more

The term genocide is more appropriate for the US, not us

loading… ANKARA – Vice President Turkey , Fuat Oktay said, the term genocide is not an easy thing to use. This term, he said, is more appropriately used for United States (US), compared to Turkey. Oktay said the decision by US President Joe Biden to recognize the Armenian genocide by the Turkish Ottoman Empire could … Read more

Xiaomi’s biggest competitor starts production in Turkey! | Technologyme

Xiaomi, After Samsung and OPPO, it turned out that a new player in Turkey will produce a phone. Made in Turkey These giant names that produce phones in our country with the label are now included in vivo. Increasing its investments in our country in recent years vivo, Next week, it will officially start producing … Read more

Turkey outraged: Erdogan imposes ban on alcohol sales

PHOTO: Pixabay The rich table with brandy, salads and appetizers is typical for Turkish families celebrating Ramadan. They were all the more shocked to learn that President Erdogan was imposing a total ban on alcohol sales. Turkey is shocked. The government imposed a total ban on the sale of alcohol during a three-week new lockdown … Read more

Curfew will hinder wild turkey hunting

Quebec’s wild turkey hunters will have to come to terms with the curfew rules, while the community would have liked a little more understanding from the authorities for this activity which begins Friday morning. Asked whether curfew arrangements would be possible for turkey and snow goose hunters, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) … Read more

Turkey set an example to the world in vaccination!

THAT SIZE IS AT RISK: Studies show that underweight people are actually at risk. There may be problems with other immune system in these too, that is to say, there are these famous situations, efforts such as being 0 body or being very weak, I would like to emphasize that they should also pay attention. … Read more

Demonstration Occurs in Turkey, Asking Expulsion of US troops from Incirlik Base

loading… ANKARA – Demonstrators on Tuesday (27/4/2021) gathered outside Incirlik Air Base in Turkey , where United States (US) troops are stationed. They demanded that the authorities close the military facility and expel American troops. The anti-US demonstration was in response to US President Joe Biden’s decision last week to officially recognize the slaughter of … Read more