China’s Invasion of Taiwan Will Be More Horrific than the Ukraine War

loading… China’s invasion of Taiwan, if it actually happened, would be more terrible than Russia’s war in Ukraine. Photos/REUTERS SYDNEY – Full scale invasion China the Taiwan if it really happens, will be more terrible than Russian invasion of Ukraine . The warning was delivered by opposition leader and former Australian defense minister Peter Dutton. … Read more

Ukraine War Called to Enter a New Phase

KYIV, – The war in Ukraine is about to enter a new phase, the head of British military intelligence said Saturday (6/8/2022). Russian troops are “almost certainly” gathering in the south in preparation for a counterattack from Ukraine, the Defense Ministry warned. Reported Sky Newsa long convoy of towed military trucks, tanks and artillery … Read more

Worried about Putin’s next target, NATO fighter jets on 24-hour patrol

loading… A NATO fighter jet pilot patrols the air amid fears NATO member states in Eastern Europe will become targets for the next Russian invasion. Photo/Twitter @NATO BRUSSELS – Fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft NATO patrolling 24 hours round the clock to protect its member states. The alliance is worried that its member countries will … Read more

Russia says US was directly involved in Ukraine war

loading… Russia says the US was directly involved in the Ukraine war for supplying Kiev with intelligence to attack Moscow troops. Photo/Twitter @oleksiireznikov MOSCOW – Ministry of Defense Russia said the United States (US) had been directly involved in the war in Ukraine . The reason is that Washington already supplied the targeting information used … Read more

Vladimir Putin Wages War Against European Union

loading… German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier says Russian President Vladimir Putin has waged a war against European unity. Photo/REUTERS BERLIN – President German Frank-Walter Steinmeier says President of Russia Vladimir Putin has waged a war against European unity. According to him, the war that Putin fought against Ukraine is also a war against European unity. “We … Read more

Libya, Ukraine, NATO. Draghi in the court of Erdoğan, an unscrupulous negotiator

Ten years after the last intergovernmental summit between Italy and Turkey, Draghi arrives today in Ankara, accompanied by ministers Di Maio, Lamorgese, Guerini, Giorgetti and Cingolani, for a meeting with Erdoğan and his government. The issues on the agenda are anything but routine. The role recently assumed by Turkey not only in the Mediterranean, but … Read more

Erdoğan returns to threaten the veto on Finland and Sweden in NATO

Turkish President Erdoğan says that the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Madrid with Sweden and Finland does not exclude the possibility that Ankara can again oppose its veto on the entry of the two Nordic countries. And therefore, while many commentators tear their clothes shouting scandal, believing that the West has sacrificed the rights of … Read more

He denounced the raids on the Mariupol theater, mental cures for the Russian reporter

From prison to psychiatric hospital. There is no peace for the Russian journalist Maria Ponomarenko of RusNews, arrested and detained in St. Petersburg since April on charges of discrediting the Russian armed forces. In social media posts about the war in Ukraine, the reporter denounced the Russian attack on the theater in the Ukrainian city … Read more

A roof to shelter under not before October. The fears of energy in a Macron-Biden out-of-the-box (by C. Paudice)

The urgency, for now, only emerges from the official statements accompanying the end of the summit because, net of intentions, there is no explicit reference in the press release. And most importantly, the timetable remains the same: the decision on the gas price ceiling is postponed until after the summer. Although Italian Prime Minister Mario … Read more