Mozart’s Mercenary Group Trains Ukrainian Soldiers Kills Russian Troops

loading… The Mozart Group has admitted training Ukrainian soldiers to kill Russian troops on the front lines. Photo/Ed Ram/The Guardian KIEV – Group mercenaries The Mozart Group admits training soldiers Ukraine to kill the team Russia on the front line. This acknowledgment was conveyed by the founder and CEO to Afshin Rattan from Russia Today … Read more

Ukrainian war, Defense denies Italy-France agreement for 700 missiles in Kiev. Medvedev attacks Crosetto: “Rare fool”

2023-01-28 20:17:34 Kiev: “We aspire to modern jets, preferably F16” A Ukrainian air force spokesman said in an interview with El Pais quoted by the Kyiv Independent that his country aspires to obtain 24 modern fighter jets from Western allies. The ideal delivery would be US F-16s, but alternatively Kiev would also gladly accept the … Read more

Shoot Duel, Russian Sniper Kills Western Armed Ukrainian Legendary Sniper

loading… Identity card of Oleg Nebuvaylo, the legendary Ukrainian sniper who was killed by Russian shooters in a long-range shooting duel. Photo/Telegram/Vladimir Rogov KIEV – One person sniper Russia has killed sniper legendary Ukraine armed Westerners in long-range shooting duels on the Zaporizhzhia battlefield. Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the “We are Together with Russia” movement … Read more

“Conflict with the West is almost real.” EU, 500 million military aid to Kiev

2023-01-23 23:56:30 Lavrov: war with the West no longer hybrid, almost real The war between Russia and the West “is no longer hybrid” but “almost real”. This was stated by Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, quoted by Russian agencies. 2023-01-23 18:05:14 Latvia expels Russian ambassador Latvia has announced that it has asked the Russian ambassador … Read more

While Putin goes on with the war, cancer patients in Russia can no longer be treated

While the Putin-Lavrov duet goes around saying that Russia will surely win the war, and that it is the West that is isolated, and that Russia is now the navel of the world, Russian cancer patients no longer know where to turn to find medicines for take care of. This unfortunate state of affairs is … Read more

“Ukraine War Phase 3” Russia is ready for a world war with America.

“Thanong Khanthong” points out that “Ukraine War Phase 3” has begun. Russia sends a fleet of ships with nuclear warheads stationed in the ocean. Sending a signal ready for a world war with America. On 17 Jan. 2023, Mr. Thanong Khanthong, foreign news expert Giving an interview in the program “Khon Kap Khao” broadcasted on … Read more

I sense something contemptible in the conspiratorial cynicism of the pro-Putinians

It has been almost a year since Russia began its military work of demolishing Ukraine, its independence, its citizens, its cities. And after almost a year I feel that even a human fracture has arisen in me with the Maurizio Landinis, the Michele Santoros, the Vauro Senesis, the Moni Ovadias, the Silvio Berlusconis, the Giuseppe … Read more

Russian warship sinks after being hit by Ukrainian artillery in the Dnipro River

loading… The battleship Moskva sank in the Black Sea at the start of the war with Ukraine. The Ukrainian military claims its troops have sunk another Russian warship. Photos/REUTERS/Stringers/Photo Files KIEV – A warship Russia allegedly drowned in the Dnipro River after being hit by troop artillery fire Ukraine on Tuesday. The attack was confirmed … Read more

Russia destroys mosque, Ukrainian mufti takes up arms

loading… Said Ismagilov, mufti of Ukraine who took up arms after his mosque in the city of Bakhmut was destroyed by Russian troops. Photo/Screenshot of the Ukrainian Embassy’s Facebook video BAKHMUT – Said Ismagilov, a mufti Ukraine take up arms to fight against the army Russia . He joined the war after his mosque in … Read more

Russia Shoots Down 5 Ukrainian Fighter Jets in a Day

loading… Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet. Russia claims to have shot down 5 Ukrainian fighter jets within a day of the ceasefire being lifted. Photo/EurAsian Times MOSCOW – Ministry of Defense Russia announced the Moscow Air and Space Force had shot down five fighter jets Ukraine just in one day. In its announcement Sunday (8/1/2023), the … Read more