Understanding Magnetic Fields and Its Applications in Daily Life Pages all

KOMPAS.com The area around a magnet that is still affected by the magnetic force is called magnetic field. Usually, magnetic fields are represented as lines of magnetic force and are indicated by arrows. Please note that the magnetic field is not only generated from a magnet, but can also be generated from a wire carrying … Read more

Understanding the Morning Star, the Stable Silver Light from Venus

Understanding the morning star is one of the interesting discussions. Actually the morning star, morning star, or Venus are not stars, but planet. So, why do we call them stars? Will the morning star only be seen in the morning or at other times as well? In order not to feel confused, consider the following … Read more

Understanding Compact Bones, Their Functions and Locations in the Body

The definition of compact bone or what has the medical name cortical is the internal tissue that forms bone. Bone tissue in the animal body is divided into two, namely compact and spongy. The name of the network actually implies that there is a density difference between the two. Compact bone is denser and stronger … Read more

School with 900 students will switch to distance learning again for at least two weeks from Monday: “Parents respond with understanding” | Kortrijk

brandA wave of corona infections is currently flooding the Don Bosco College on Sint-Anna in Marke. The secondary school is therefore forced to switch completely to distance learning. “From Monday 17 January and that for a period of two weeks, parents are understanding”, says director Tuur Ottevaere. There are currently more than one hundred of … Read more

Historical findings: – – Can change our understanding

One of the “most impressive” archaeological finds has recently been discovered in Northamptonshire, England. A group of around 80 archaeologists has found an entire Roman city, consisting of 30 houses. They have found artefacts dating back to Roman times. The old and valuable objects were found as a result of the excavation of the so-called … Read more

“The vaccine is called education, awareness and understanding”

The suicide of a spanish actress as iconic as Veronica Forqué has put back on the table the importance of mental health. Without falling into the frivolity or clumsiness of speculating on his motives, the truth is that the news has been a shock for many. Her case has been the last and most mediatic, … Read more

Understanding Quantum Physics and Interesting Facts, Multiuniverse?

The notion of quantum physics is the basis of the explanation of the atom. Quantum is a basic branch of physics that uses classical physics concepts. Max Planck is a figure who contributed greatly to the birth of quantum physics. He released a scientific paper on black body radiation in 1900. Max Planck’s basic theory … Read more

Economist: Without understanding what China is, we gave it a pretext to show the world its power

Among other things, he has no doubt that the means of pressure will hit hard To Lithuania particularly important for the manufacturing industry and a way out with minimal losses can only be found with the support of partners. “Having established a representative office not in the name of Taipei, but in the name of … Read more

Economist: without understanding what China is, we gave it a pretext to show our power to the whole world – Respublika.lt

1 photo Prof. R. Rudzkis. Photo by Elta “Having established a representative office not in the name of Taipei, but in the name of Taiwan, we have given China a great pretext for why China can now show the world how it will teach that Lithuania. That pretext could not be given in any way. … Read more

Bassil to attack Berri and Mikati…and renew the “understanding” with the “party”

Mounir Al-Rabea wrote in Al-Modon: Communication between Hezbollah and the Aounist movement did not stop, waiting for the party’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday, and the speech of the movement’s head, Gibran Bassil, on Sunday. Some interpreted the president’s recent position as an attempt to link a conflict with Hezbollah, based on the headlines he … Read more