Surgical Endoscopy Unit was put into service

Süleyman Demirel University Hospital Surgical Endoscopy Unit was put into service in the General Surgery Service. With the establishment of the Surgical endoscopy unit serving the region, it is aimed to make earlier diagnosis by performing earlier procedures on the patients. Giving information about SDU Hospital Surgical Endoscopy Unit and treatment, Department of General Surgery … Read more

Leclerc will lose ten seats at the start in Canada after replacing the engine control unit

Due to engine problems, Leclerc did not finish two of the last four races and lost the championship lead. The Monaco rider, who triumphed in Bahrain and Australia at the beginning of the season, came out empty-handed in Spain and Azerbaijan. In Friday’s practice in Montreal, Leclerc set the second fastest time behind the series … Read more

“Nuclear Control” issues a license to operate the third unit of the Barakah plant

Abu Dhabi: Imad Eddin Khalil The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the regulatory body responsible for regulating the nuclear sector in the UAE, announced on Friday the issuance of a license to operate the third unit of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant for the Nawah Energy Company of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, which in … Read more

In order not to be misguided, #YukPahami How Unit Link Life Insurance Works!

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Insurance is one product that is very important for our lives. By having insurance, we will get protection from various risks that cannot be predicted when it will happen to us. As a result, insurance is often a mainstay for anyone who is aware of the importance of insurance and self-protection. Although some … Read more

After a 14-hour battle, Lviv paratroopers struck an elite Russian unit

The battle between the Ukrainian armed forces and the occupiers lasted 14 hours. This was announced by the head of the military administration of the Lviv region Maxim Kozycki. “Lviv paratroopers destroyed about 50 personnel of the so-called elite regiment of the Russian Federation. It happened during a recent battle that lasted about 14 hours. … Read more

Power unit Ferrari: terzo turbo e MGU-H per Leclerc a Baku – Formula 1

On the paper the layout of Baku in Azerbaijan seems to be perfect for enhancing the aerodynamic efficiency of the Red Bull RB18. A year ago the Milton Keynes team dominated the race held in Baku and only a resounding failure of the left rear tire on the straight line did not allow Max Verstappen … Read more

Moscow delivers dozens of dead Azovstal soldiers to Kiev – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 06 – Russia has begun to deliver to Ukraine the bodies of dozens of soldiers who died in the defense of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. The corpses will now have to be identified through DNA, explained Maksym Zhorin, former leader of the Azov regiment now commander of a unit … Read more

Public Ministry wants head of the Évora Unit of the PJ judged for seven crimes | Justice

Four months after taking on the role of head of the Évora Local Criminal Investigation Unit (ULIC) of the Judiciary Police (PJ), Chief Inspector Paulo Ferrinho was involved in a fight with another subordinate inspector. The episode, which took place at 10 am on the 11th of February, at the premises of the PJ in … Read more

Czechs at the front: The war changed me, I will not return home, says the 18-year-old Benjamin of the unit

(From our Special Rapporteur) Otherwise he wouldn’t even get to the unit. Even the volunteer battalion Karpatská Sič sends back a number of men who are interested in fighting but have no experience or skills. He only needed a month and learned Ukrainian, so he also serves as a translator for the unit. He arranges … Read more

UNI-T | Chang’an | A truck that can park autonomously lands in Peru | Price Characteristics Spain Mexico USA | TECHNOLOGY

Changan presented its UNI-T van in Peru on Tuesday. This new SUV vehicle represents a renewal for the Asian firm in both design and technology, its own representatives report. According to its data sheet, the UNI-T has a 1.5L Turbo engine, power of 177 HP and torque of 300 Nm. Its dimensions are as follows: … Read more