“Universal” Jamal Al-Khatib in a book for a colleague whose weight

The former star Jamal Al-Khatib signed his football and life biography, which his colleague Ibrahim Wazan wrote for him in a book entitled “The World” Jamal Al-Khatib. The signing ceremony, which was presented by colleague Hassan Sharara, was held at Coral Beach Hotel, in the presence of a large crowd of expatriate and sports events … Read more

if all goes well, it will be used as a universal booster against COVID in Mexico

Phase 3 of tests of the ‘Patria’ vaccine against COVID-19 is about to start. The head of Conacyt, María Elena Álvarez-Buylla, said at a press conference that the first results of the level 2 of the vaccine that is intended to be used as a universal booster in Mexico, have been satisfactory and have demonstrated … Read more

Universal Guaranteed Pension | How to know with my RUT if I charge and amount

As of August 1, 2022, the permanent requirements for access to the benefit of the Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) is a benefit of state that replaces the old-age benefits of the Solidarity Pillar, whose monthly payment is in charge of the Social Security Institute (IPS). The amount of this benefit amounts to a maximum of … Read more

The other illness that Salvador, the youngest son of Carolina Cruz, has | THE UNIVERSAL

It is no secret to anyone that this 2022 has not been an easy year for Carolina Cruz, since she has had to fight against the conditions that afflict her son Salvador’s health, however, the famous one is synonymous with strength and faith and that has been seen reflected in the recovery of his little … Read more

China Prepares 10 Hunt Satellites for Universal Dark Age Signals, What is it?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A team of scientists China will use Moon to hunt for signals from the dark ages of the universe. What other creature is this? The research team behind the Discovering the Sky at the Longest Wavelengths (DSL) mission, also known as Hongmeng, will send 10 satellites into orbit around the Moon … Read more

Sparta found a universal soldier in Pelta. The young reinforcement is also catching on

Exslavista is a pleasant summer surprise. “It seems to me that Jaroslav can start simply anywhere. Even at center forward or goalkeeper, and he would perform well there. He feels the role of a defensive midfielder, he gives us the opportunity to vary. It’s good that Pavelka, who was absent in training, also returned to … Read more

Promising progress for universal coronavirus vaccine

British scientists have made promising progress in efforts to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine to tackle the covid-19 pandemic. A universal vaccine against the coronavirus would not only be able to stop covid-19 and all variants of the virus, but also the common cold virus. Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London have discovered … Read more

discover the key to a universal vaccine against the disease and its variants

Is an advance “promising” in the race for develop a universal vaccine what can i offer protection against multiple variants of Covid-19. Also, through genetic engineering it could be used against a variety of common colds caused by other types of coronavirus. They all share that basic core that new vaccines would attack. Coronavirus: a … Read more

Is a universal vaccine against all coronaviruses possible?

Coronaviruses and the possibility of a universal vaccine against the different pathogens of this family, from SARS-cov-2 that causes covid to some of the common cold, are the focus of the article signed by Carlota Dobaño, head of the Malaria Immunology Group of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), a center promoted by the … Read more

Macflurry de Chocorramo: how many calories does the new viral dessert have? | THE UNIVERSAL

With the arrival of the new McFlurry Chocorramo there are feelings of excitement and intrigue. Some have already tried the new limited-edition product, others hope to line up at their nearest McDonald’s point to purchase it, taste it and even take a selfie and join the trend. The company announced that the dessert is made … Read more