Police Reveal Drivers Like This Will Manually Ticketed Until Their Vehicles Are Confiscated

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 – 05:40 WIB LIVE Subway – It is omitted ticket manually claimed the police led to rampant action of removing license plates by some driver. Not only that, number plate counterfeiting is also rife. “The phenomenon that occurs in the community is they take off the license plate, fake the number … Read more

Qatar Travel; Permission to park vehicles at Salwa Check Point is only for 96 hours Qatar world cup; 96 hours max to park vehicle at Salwa port

Riyadh: The Transport General Authority (TGA) has informed that the maximum period for parking a vehicle at the inspection center at the Saudi border gate ‘Salwa’ is only four days for those going from Saudi Arabia to watch the World Cup matches in Qatar. The notification is that the time allowed is from the time … Read more

Xiaomi intends to sell 10 million electric vehicles a year

After the publication of the Chinese company Xiaomi quarterly reports, it became knownthat in the previous three months it had spent about $116 million on the development of innovative activities, including electric vehicles. This summer, the first prototype of an electric car of this brand was seen, and its market debut should take place in … Read more

Chirey, the vehicles that transport fans in Qatar; meet them

Los Chirey automobiles join sports and soccer with various activationsincluding welcoming and transporting all people arriving at Doha International Airport. In the waiting area of ​​Doha International Airport, a Chirey receiving fleet is organized to provide transportation services to delegates, reporters and fans from various countries traveling to Qatar during the World Cup. In the … Read more

BAE Systems delivers new variants of 90 combat vehicles to the Swedish Armed Forces

Two new variants of the Swedish Armed Forces’ combat vehicle 90 will see the light of day. Försvarets materielverk (FMV) has signed a follow-up contract with the manufacturer BAE Systems Hägglunds to a value of approximately SEK 900 million. According to a press release from FMV, the vehicles are based on the 90A combat vehicle … Read more

Scientists Propose to Build Vehicles to Prevent Foreign Objects from Approaching Earth

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 – 12:03 WIB LIVE Techno – Tim scientist have proposed to build an ‘interstellar interceptor’, a aircraft spacecraft capable of approaching the next asteroid or comet to enter the solar system. So far, astronomers have seen two such objects hurtling through our star system: the cigar-shaped interstellar visitor.Oumuamuawhich was first seen in … Read more

A column of enemy vehicles is moving towards Zaporozhye – Andryushchenko

Photo: t.me/andriyshTime/4499 The third large column of enemy vehicles is moving in the direction of Zaporozhye The Russian invaders are transferring their equipment from Kherson to Zaporozhye direction. The third large column of enemy vehicles is moving in the direction of Zaporozhye. How informed adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko, today the movement … Read more

Lexus RX’s new power can run 81 kilometers without eating gas! Fuel consumption test data of new vehicles released by the Energy Bureau in October

The Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the energy consumption test data of new cars in October, including the upcoming Lexus RX and the BMW X7 facelift just released last week. 74.6km/l and 81 kilometers of pure electric battery life. The RX450h+ plug-in gasoline-electric, which first appeared in the RX car series, … Read more

ATM and Trenord vehicles at risk in Milan

Crossed arms. On Friday 2 December in Milan and in the rest of Italy the general strike organized by the basic trade unions Cobas, Cub, Sgb, SiCobas, UniCobas, Usb and Usi Cit. Workers from all public and private companies may abstain from work. The greatest inconveniences are likely to occur in the sector of transport, … Read more

Electric vehicles: benefits for the economy and the environment | Africa News

Electric vehicles Africa While electric passenger vehicles are widely accepted in large markets such as China, the United States and Europe, they are only slowly penetrating those in developing countries. A study of twenty of these countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Oceania, Europe and South America shows that electric mobility would bring economic benefits … Read more