The family’s last trip to Egypt…the funeral of the victims of the Sharm El-Sheikh accident

07:45 PM Sunday 07 August 2022 Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud: Today, Sunday, the people of Jojer village of Talkha district in Dakahlia governorate buried the bodies of a couple and their daughter, who were killed in an accident while returning from a trip in Sharm El-Sheikh. Yesterday, the South Sinai Security Directorate received a report … Read more

Your joy is in heaven.. High school students lament their colleagues “Victims of an accident in B

11:50 PM Saturday 06 August 2022 Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar: Today, Saturday, many high school students in Kafr El-Sheikh wrote lamentations for their four fellow students who were killed in a traffic accident at the entrance to the Baltim resort about 15 days ago, after their success in high school. Without the student Hossam … Read more

UAE condoles Cuba over victims of oil depot fire

The UAE expressed its solidarity with the Republic of Cuba and its sincere condolences for the victims of the burning of two oil storage tanks in Matanzas, western Cuba, after they were struck by lightning, which resulted in deaths and dozens of injuries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation expressed its sincere condolences … Read more

The Sobs of the Residents of Lembang Sangbua Broke! Four bodies of fire victims put in one coffin

ZONAKATA.COM – NORTH TORAJA Hysterical sobs greeted the arrival of four bodies of fire victims in one house belonging to Yonathan. It is known that the red rooster devoured a house and claimed four lives, namely a mother, child and grandson on the entrance to Londa Tourism Object in Lembang (Village), Sangbua, Kesu’ District, North … Read more

A 13-year-old boy in Magelang was killed by his schoolmate, the perpetrator was allegedly afraid of being caught stealing the victim’s cellphone – WS, a 13-year-old boy was found dead with his body covered in wounds in a coffee plantation in Baleagung Village, Grabag District, Kabupaten MagelangCentral Java on Thursday (4/8/2022). Previously, he was reported missing by his family on Wednesday (3/8/2022) afternoon. Before he disappeared, WS said goodbye to do his schoolwork and was picked … Read more

Watch out! Sadistic Action ‘Klithih’ Rambah Semarang, 3 AMNI Cadets Become Victims

Solo – Street violence, such as the klithih action in Jogja, is now happening in Semarang. The action killed three cadets of the Indonesian National Maritime Academy (AMNI) Semarang. The three victims were targeted by dozens of youths for no apparent reason. As a result, one victim is currently still in critical condition. “This incident … Read more

The Seconds of Semarang Gangsters Bacok AMNI cadets, Kombes Irwan: Critical Victims, Sickles Penetrate Brains

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG – Semarang Police Headquarters Kombes Pol Irwan Anwar told the moments matching AMNI Semarang cadets by Semarang gangsters. Consequence matching This Semarang gangster, an AMNI cadet is critical because he was stabbed in the head. The Head of Semarang Polrestabes Kombes Pol Irwan Anwar said, as a result of the action, matching The … Read more

in the province of Lecce the highest number of victims

LECCE – Unfortunately, it is in the province of Lecce that the highest number of road accident victims was recorded in 2021, as many as 50. The worrying figure is one of the many contained in the report of the Regional Agency for the eco-sustainable development of territory (Asset), in charge of taking care of … Read more

He stabbed her, now he’s free by mistake. The anger of Marta: “We victims never protected”

MOGLIANO VENETO – Knowing that his attacker is already free, due to a judicial error, was like receiving another stab. The twenty-fourth, after that teenager had surprised her from behind in the campaign in March of last year Mogliano Veneto while he stood jogging, and had reduced her to death. A robbery ended in blood, … Read more

The Victim’s Body That Appeared Above Ternate’s Tolire Lake Can’t Be Evacuated

The body of a 16-year-old teenager who was pounced on by a crocodile in Lake Tolire Besar, Takome Village, West Ternate District, has yet to be evacuated. The victim’s body that appeared to the surface of the lake water could not be evacuated because the victim was still under the supervision of the cold-blooded reptile. … Read more