Camera crew gets a unique look at the crater of the erupted volcano La Palma

Never before has the Spanish island of La Palma seen such a long volcanic eruption as at the end of last year. For exactly 85 days and 8 hours, the Cumbre Vieja emitted lava and volcanic gases. Thousands of residents had to be evacuated due to the eruption. At least 3000 buildings were damaged by … Read more

TONGA, the terrible eruption of the volcano submerges the whole island with ash. The VIDEO »

Meteo Chronicle Direct: TONGA, the terrible eruption of the Volcano submerges the whole island with ash. Video Islands of Tonga, Oceania, January 25, 2021. A few days ago off the islands of Tonga, an underwater volcano suddenly exploded. The eruption submerged the entire island with ash where a tsunami was also recorded, which swept away … Read more

Peru, environmental emergency declared for three months: 6 thousand barrels of oil in the sea after the eruption of the volcano in Tonga

Environmental emergency in Peru, for three months. The government established it. Blame for the pollution resulting from the spillage of the sea, last January 15, of 6 thousand barrels of crude oil during the refueling operations of a refinery of the Spanish company Repsol off the coast of Lima. The relative decree, published today in … Read more

Tonga: tsunami after the eruption of a volcano, the United States, Chile and Japan on alert | TV5MONDE

An underwater volcano has woken up in Tonga. The eruption lasted eight minutes and was heard from hundreds of miles away. The eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano has put the United States, Chile and Japan on tsunami alert. The volcano is on one of the uninhabited islands of Tonga, about 65 km from … Read more

Unbelievable story. The man fought for his life for twenty-seven hours in the sea after the tsunami

Unsuspecting, Lisala Folau was just painting his house on the island of Atata, where about sixty people live, when his brother came to him and warned him of the tsunami. The wave hit the mainland at about 7pm local time after the eruption of the submarine volcano. The submarine volcano near Tonga did not say … Read more

Lightning ring detected in Tonga

One of the largest volcanic eruptions of the 21st century is in the Pacific region of Tonga. According to satellite images, the volcanic ash cloud from the eruption erupted to a height of 20 kilometers and also reached the stratosphere. With the help of ELTE researchers, an international team discovered and documented the interesting atmospheric … Read more

Volcano in Tonga caused ‘unprecedented disaster’ – News

The huge volcanic eruption in Tonga Saturday caused a tsunami of up to 15 meters that caused an “unprecedented disaster” in this country, destroying houses and killing at least three people, said his government. “An unprecedented disaster has struck Tonga,” the government said in a statement on Tuesday after the violent eruption of the Hunga … Read more

RI has underwater mountains like Tonga, including the Emperor of China

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The territory of Indonesia has six volcano which is under the sea like a volcano in Tonga. The six mountains are located in central Indonesia and eastern Indonesia. Two of them are said to have erupted and caused a tsunami like in Tonga. Here are the facts about 6 underwater mountains … Read more

A volcanic eruption in the Galapagos is endangering rare lizards

The eruption of Wolfo Volcano, the highest volcano in the Galapagos Archipelago, is endangering the pink conolophas on the island of Isabela, an endemic species of iguanas, of which there are only 211 surviving in August. The eruption on the largest island in the Galapagos began Wednesday before midnight, according to a report by the … Read more