Michel Claise and financial crime: “I wonder if there is not among some politicians the fear that the fight will weaken their voters.”

Regarding drug trafficking, Jean-Marc Gheraille, editor-in-chief of the DH, notably asked him what he thought of the idea of ​​seconding soldiers to Antwerp: “An army presence was justified in a context of terrorism, we could attack people”replied the judge. “But not in the context of the fight against drug trafficking. We need police officers, magistrates, … Read more

Majority of voters want Nation Alliance to announce presidential candidate immediately

MetroPOLL research company conducted a poll on the presidential candidacy in December of 2022. MetroPOLL’s founder, Özer Sencar, shared the results of the survey on his social media account, saying, “The majority of voters want the opposition candidate to be announced immediately.” used his statements. According to the survey, 48.3 percent of the respondents answered … Read more

Will Anies Baswedan Voters Vote for Nasdem? These are SMRC survey results

loading… SMRC noted that although support from Anies voters for Nasdem had strengthened from August 2022 to December 2022, it was not that great. Photo/doc. SINDOnews JAKARTA – Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) survey in a survey release titled “Anies Up, Nasdem Down?” found the fact that the mass of voters Anies Baswedan apparently … Read more

There is no orchestra playing on deck, just the sound of Ap voters leaving the ship

comments expresses the writer’s opinions. In 2018 asked VG’s political editor Hanne Skartveit about Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre knows the party well enough to be able to lift it again. And not least – if he leans on the right people. Four years later, even more people are asking the same question. When the … Read more

Polls, the mystery of Giorgia Meloni’s consent: is it growing or falling? Escape from Pd, voters prefer M5s to Renzi and Calenda

Consent for Giorgia MeloniIs it uphill or downhill for your party and your government? A legitimate question for anyone who has read the main Italian newspapers today. According to the latest Ipsos survey for the Corriere della Sera il 49% of the interviewees gives a positive opinion on the prime minister, 46 on the government, … Read more

For Matijošaitis, there is a dangerous signal from the voters: the rating is historically low

When answering the question whether they evaluate a specific public figure favorably or unfavorably, A. Bilotaitė was positively assessed by 19.5 percent in November. respondents, when in October they were 30 percent. Unfavorable evaluations increased from 41.4 percent. in October to 55.4 percent. in November. According to Vilmorus manager Vladas Gaidis, this could have been … Read more

For too many Dutch voters, Thierry Baudet is “off the path”, he now has to choose: push through or put on the brakes

“We hope we can prevent deaths.” The words of Van Meijeren, member of parliament for Forum for Democracy (FvD), led to indignant reactions in Dutch politics at the beginning of this month. From left to right: both among the parties that are part of “the Rutte regime”, as Van Meijeren calls it, and among the … Read more

Elsa Fornero: «Pensions? They cannot be touched. This is how the government deceives the voters”

Elsa Fornero is the minister of Monti government who launched the latest – and most hated – reform of pensions. Il Meloni government he has said on several occasions that he is against that reform. In particular the League of Matthew Salvini promised its cancellation. In the 2023 Budget Law, the executive has passed Quota … Read more

Trump announces re-run for US presidency: Will the voters who voted for him still support it? – BBC News Chinese

1 hour ago On the evening of Tuesday (November 15) Eastern Time, former U.S. President Trump (Donald Trump, also translated as Trump) announced that he will participate in the U.S. presidential election for the third time. His announcement came after the midterm elections in the United States, which did not produce a “red wave” for … Read more