Austria: Keyboarder of the band “Wanda” is dead

published26. September 2022, 21:10 Austria: Keyboarder of the band “Wanda” is dead The successful Viennese rock band “Wanda” is mourning the loss of one of its founding members in the week in which their latest album will be released. Keyboarder Christian Hummer has passed away. 1 / 3 Christian Hummer passed away on Monday evening … Read more

Wanda keyboardist Christian Hummer is dead

The longtime keyboarder of the Austrian band Wanda, Christian Hummer, is dead. The musician died after a long, serious illness, his four colleagues announced on Monday evening on the group’s official Instagram and Facebook pages. The sad news to fans came just four days before Wanda’s new studio album was released. The indie rock band … Read more

Revealing the name of the new friend of Wanda Nara .. 11 years younger than her

Two days ago, businesswoman Wanda Nara confirmed her divorce from her compatriot, Argentine star Mauro Icardi, as their last attempt to continue after the player moved to Istanbul failed. Wanda wrote on Instagram: “It’s very painful for me to live in this moment, but due to being subjected to media speculation, it is best that … Read more

Wanda Nara: ‘Cat lying on the table’, WHAT A PHOTO! | Gossip

“The cat is over the table“. With this ironic ‘English lesson’, Wanda Nara mail to your account Instagram official, followed by 14.7 million followers, a photo of her lying on her stomach on a toolbox in the television studio she was a guest of in Argentina. The Argentine showgirl, in addition to this photo, on … Read more

Wanda Nara’s ‘Princess’ Request When Icardi Joins Galatasaray

Istanbul – Mauro Icardi borrowed Galatasaray from PSG for a season. In the transfer, there was this and that request from the agent who is also his wife, Wanda Nara. Mauro Icardi PSG loaned to Galatasaray during the 2022/2023 season. The Turkish club also has a permanent purchase option. Reported from The Sun, there is … Read more

Kennys Palacios spoke forcefully about Wanda Nara’s message confirming the separation from Mauro Icardi

Kenny Palaces talked with Show Partners of audio of the alleged separation of Mauro Icardi that leaked in the middle of the scandal with the employee Carmen. “Wanda and Mauro are they okay after everything that happened?” the chronicler asked him and he replied: “Yes, super, but nothing happened, it was an old audio that … Read more

The heartbreaking audio of Wanda Nara’s former employee in full ordeal: “I’ve been asking for food for eight days”

Written in SHOWS the 25/8/2022 · 14:43 hs The legal war between Wanda Nara y Carmen Cisneros, his former domestic worker, is climbing. Now a piece of evidence has come to light that could harm the businesswoman. journalist Juan Etchegoyen He opened his radio program with the evidence he obtained about a conversation via WhatsApp … Read more

the truth of Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara in the last few hours she stopped the bleeding of rumors about an alleged breakup between her husband Mauro Icardi Ed il Paris-Saint-Germain. A Love PenoArgentine TV presenter, the footballer’s wife allegedly said: “He continues to be a part of the club for two years. To release a player you have to pay … Read more

Details of Wanda Nara’s betrayal .. A married football player with children!!

The man confirmed that he had sex with Wanda Nara on several occasions, and revealed that she was very addicted to the relationship, due to the chemistry that developed between them. “I’ve always been a gentleman, behave very professionally, I gave her everything she wanted and she did everything she asked me,” the unnamed man … Read more

Wanda Nara’s aura destroys Icardi and puts him out of PSG’s squad

Paris Saint-Germain appeared yesterday (Saturday) for the first time in the French League for the season 2022-2023, when he ended his visit to Clermont-foot 63 to win five clean in the first round of the competition that holds its title. It was noteworthy that the list of the team that played the match under the … Read more