BMKG Predicts There Will Be A ‘Black Cloud’ Covering DKI, What’s This?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) issued an early warning for the Jabodetabek weather today, Wednesday (12/8/2021). Through an official statement from the BMKG, it was stated that there would be a potential for moderate to heavy rain this afternoon which could be accompanied by lightning and strong winds in … Read more

snow, storms and storms, the areas at risk – Libero Quotidiano

Frost and snow also in the plains for the Immaculate Conception bridge: and in half of Italy the weather alert goes off. The whitewashed wait between 7 and 8 December from North to South is not very “romantic”. The Civil Protection has issued the warning of adverse weather conditions, with three regions of the South … Read more

Breakthrough in the fight against covid: Vaccine injection can be replaced by a patch

In Australia, they are investigating a groundbreaking method of vaccination against covid. The vaccine in the patch offers more protection and easier application than conventional needle vaccination. In addition, it is more resistant to temperatures and also cheaper. The patch is only an inch wide and contains 5,000 plastic tips that are half a millimeter … Read more

The biggest frost of December in recent years has been recorded in Latvia – Weather – News

The lowest air temperature in the first half of the night was -20 degrees in Vidzeme, including down to -20.0 degrees. There has been no such frost in Latvia in December in recent years. According to the data of the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, the lowest air temperature in the country in December … Read more

The girl (13) dropped the phone, did not survive the electric shock

A young girl in France suffered an electric shock in a bathtub after a phone she was charging in a socket fell into the water. Unfortunately, the electric shock was fatal for the girl. Rescuers intervening on the spot first managed to revive the girl, the newspaper wrote on Saturday The Parisian. The girl was … Read more

Frost, snow and rain … Here is the weather forecast for this weekend of Saint-Nicolas

This friday morning, patches of frost and ice will make the roads temporarily still slippery in places. The sky will become very cloudy with the arrival of the first rains in the morning over the west of the country, according to forecasts by the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). Then the area of ​​precipitation will progress … Read more

thunderstorms and strong winds return

The Functional Center of Abruzzo announces that a warning of adverse weather conditions has been issued by the National Civil Protection Department. In particular, from the early hours of tomorrow (Thursday 2 December) and for the following 24-30 hours, scattered rainfall is expected, also of a downpour or thunderstorm, on the internal sectors of Abruzzo. … Read more

Very strong earthquake of magnitude 7.5 Richter destroys the houses. The VIDEO of the moment of the earthquake »

PERU: Very strong earthquake of magnitude 7.5 Richter destroys the houses. The VIDEO of the moment of the earthquake On Sunday 28 November a very strong earthquake 7.5 Richter shook the Peru’: according to local sources there are many houses destroyed and unfortunately also victims. In the video above the moment of the shock. The … Read more

New variant, first case ascertained in Europe and Minister Speranza bans flights! Updates »

COVID: New Variant, first Case Established in Europe and Minister Speranza bans flights! Updates First case in Europe, Italy blocks FLIGHTSThe VARIANT South African, in respect of which i vaccines are “almost certainly” less effective according to the University of Oxford, it worries Europe andItaly. In the last few hours he has been intercepted ithe … Read more

Glasgow Climate Agreement, Greta Thunberg’s Comment leaves you speechless. Details »

COP 26: Glasgow Climate Agreement, Greta Thunberg’s Comment leaves you speechless. The details Disappointed Greta Thunberg leaves everyone speechlessThe Swedish activist Greta Thunberg continues to tread the world media, with a very critical eye towards the meetings of the Cop26, the United Nations conference on climate change recently held in Glasgow. “They were even more … Read more