Crew boarded and lights on. Firefighters will honor the memory of a deceased colleague

The last farewell to the deceased firefighter Jan Dvořák will take place on Wednesday, December 7 in Česká Lípa. A volunteer firefighter tragically died in a log cabin fire in Nové Bor in Českolipsk. A ceiling collapsed on him as he tried to save a sick elderly man. Firefighters will also honor the memory of … Read more

Roman Staša cracked why Ztracený is ending concerts. He understands the singer

The news that Marek Ztracený will end his concerts took everyone by surprise, especially his fans. The singer promised to explain everything after his last performance in Eden. However, the winner of the popular MasterChef competition, Roman Staša, revealed his friend’s reasons in Blesk Podcast. He added that he will not be absent at his … Read more

Argentines sell soy and drop the price: But everything can TURN

The past week was marked by a lot of oscillation on the Chicago Stock Exchange, due to the return of the “soybean dollar” in Argentina, points out Ruan Sene, market analyst at Grão Direto. In addition, the expert points to the lower use of biofuels in the United States and the greater supply of sunflower … Read more

The snow disaster limited traffic on the D3 highway, thousands of people were without electricity

Updated 11:27, 6/12/2022 6. 12. 2022, 06:54 The snow calamity affected part of the South Bohemian and Central Bohemian regions. The problems are mainly with railway transport, where traffic is suspended on some lines. Several traffic accidents are also reported. Traffic on the D3 highway was stopped in the morning and is currently in a … Read more

Meteo interview with the meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici; Italy divided in two, 20°C difference between North and South »

Meteo interview with the meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici; Italy divided in two, 20°C difference between North and South Italy divided in two, 20°C difference between North and SouthLess than 20 days from Holy Christmas, Spring returns to the South. After the furious bad weather of recent days, temperatures will rise locally up to 10°C above the … Read more

The planet Mars will disappear behind the Moon

Where to observe it? This phenomenon should last an hour and a half in all. The majority of Canadians and Americans will be able to observe it. This event, called occultation only happens once or twice a year somewhere on Earth. At the end of the year, we will be able to observe it on … Read more

On Monday, driving was difficult in many places due to snow and ice

The Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology of Latvia predicts that on the first day of the week, a thick blanket of clouds will completely cover the sky, but a little snow could remain mainly in the eastern part of the country. The roads will remain slippery in certain sections. A slow south-east, east wind … Read more

Weather: up to 15 cm of snow announced this Monday!

From the northwest, the weather will become drier with slightly milder air. In Lower Belgium, the snow will turn into slush, then the snow cover will disappear. In the Ardennes, the snow will hold in most regions. The maxima will be between 0°C in the Ardennes, 2 to 3°C in the northwest and 5°C on … Read more

El Niño is coming! Meteorologists already know what the weather will be like in spring and summer

Extreme heat already in the spring, century-long drought in the summer. Meteorologists have a first idea of ​​what the weather will be like next year. The cold phase of the La Niña Southern Oscillation has peaked, and models suggest it will transition into its warm counterpart, called El Niño, after winter. And this will most … Read more