More than a hundred white balloons for Dean (Beveren-Waas)

Beveren Bert Foubert Friday 21 January 2022 at 21:44 On the Grote Markt in Beveren, about one hundred and fifty people held a vigil for Dean on Friday evening. White balloons were released, candles burned and stuffed animals left behind as a tribute to the toddler who died. His mother was not present at the … Read more

The white plate of the vehicle will be installed with a chip, the police explain its function

Jakarta – The black license plate will be replaced white plate. Not only that, the white plate will also be installed later chip in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID). “Chip It is true that there will be in the future, especially now that it is Revolution 4.0,” said Director General of the National … Read more

For 3 years, Laurence was addicted to alcohol: “The first thing you do is rush to the fridge to get your glass of white wine”

One year, two months and 18 days. Laurence can tell almost to the hour the time that has elapsed since her delivery, that is since she drank her last drop of alcohol. Because for three long years, she was alcohol-dependent. “When you go to the office in the morning and say to yourself, ‘Tonight, I … Read more

Will the White House negotiations with “OPEC +” succeed in containing the rise in oil?

The CEO of the Corum Center for Strategic Studies, Tariq Al-Rifai, expected that oil prices To $100 per barrel in the near term, after it recently recorded its highest level in more than 7 years against the backdrop of the global economic recovery and the return of countries, especially oil consuming countries, to production and … Read more

A white police officer who shot a young black man is released

The killing of McDonald’s has sparked public protests in the United States and sparked a nationwide debate about how the police treat the black minority. The prisoner will be released on February 3, said Kahalah Clay, a representative of the office. “I hope he has learned from his mistakes. We have always demanded justice, not … Read more

Kurniawan Happy Red and White Can Fly Again in International Events

Jakarta – The Red-White Flag could soon fly again in the international arena. Legend Indonesian National team Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto welcome happy. Indonesia can’t fly its proud flag after sanctions World Doping Agency (WADA) last year. This is because LADI has failed to fulfill its obligations regarding doping tests. But, because of hard work Ministry … Read more

The legendary Shaun White will go to the Olympics again, his sexy actress congratulated him

That’s a fighter. 35-year-old ageless snowboarder Shaun White proved it again and qualified for the Olympic Games in Beijing. This will be the fifth Olympics for the famous American. His beautiful girlfriend, actress Nina Dobrevová, also congratulated him on his great success. Shaun White didn’t know until the last minute if he could secure a … Read more

Differences in Nutritional Brown Rice and White Rice

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Brown rice including healthy foods that contain carbohydrates in place of white rice when on a diet. Brown rice is healthier than white rice varieties. “White rice has less vitamins and minerals compared to other varieties of rice,” says health expert Vanishree Aithal, quoted from Health Shots. The outer layer of brown … Read more

Murray 18+7+9 White 19 points Coffey scored 20 points, the Clippers lost to the Spurs – yqqlm

Original title: Murray 18+7+9 White 19 points Coffey scored 20 points, the Clippers lost to the Spurs Beijing time on January 16 news The NBA regular season continues today, the Spurs sit at home against the Clippers. The Spurs, with a more organized staff, dominated the game for most of the game, eventually beating the … Read more

Coronavirus in the world – omicron variant. Head of the WHO and chief White House adviser on the future of the pandemic

White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci said there is no way to eliminate COVID-19 from society. The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned that omicron, although it is a variant that causes less severe symptoms, is dangerous because its rapid spread may result in further, more dangerous mutations of … Read more