LINE celebrates its 10th anniversary, packed with a parade of great promotions from 5 hot services. Join to win prizes worth more than a million baht, starting on June 23.

LINE celebrates 10 years as a platform for digital life. Send a parade of activities and hot promotions of the year that are not often found. Invite LINE users to pick up their mobile phones and prepare to win deals of the year that must not be missed. This time comes with 4 promotions and … Read more

Mancini after Italian “substitutes” win over Wales: Our identity does not change

After the 1-0 victory over Wales in the final third match of Group A at the European Championships, the coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini, was satisfied that the home favorites in Rome also succeeded in a significantly changed line-up. According to the coach, the identity of “Azzurri” remains the same regardless of … Read more

‘Pitbull of the Wetstraat’ Linda De Win has to retire: “…

Linda De Win: “There are politicians who say they can’t imagine me leaving. But when it does, it will soon get used. Out of sight, out of mind, I’m afraid.” — © jeroen hanselaer Linda De Win, 65, is retiring. For fifteen years she was the pit bull in the corridors of our parliaments, once … Read more

Marc Marquez holds the win record at Sachsenring and wins for the 11th time in his career

Honda rider Marc Marquez wins the German Grand Prix, the eighth round of the MotoGP World Championship for the 2021 season. With this win, Marquez retained his unbreakable record at the Sachsenrig circuit since 2013, in addition to winning 3 times in the smaller categories. The temperature of the track was 40 degrees, while the … Read more

NBA playoffs, game-7 legendary: the Bucks win overtime and eliminate the Nets

Brooklyn and Milwaukee give life to a game-7 of extraordinary intensity, resolved only after an overtime forced an impossible basket by Kevin Durant (48 points, a record for a game-7) at the end of regulation. In the overtime, however, the Bucks win thanks to two baskets by Antetokounmpo (40) and Middleton (23), advancing to the … Read more

NBA︱ Durant fought in 7 battles and went out in 299 minutes, generously blessing the Bucks to win the championship and stepping on the world is heated (20:17)-20210620-Sports-Real Time News

The Nets suffered injuries to Ai Rong and Xia Deng in this matchup. The latter was “stuck in” to get a triple-double, but the touch did not return, which made Durant’s scoring task even more difficult. The latter played 53 minutes in the game and made 17 of 36 shots. He scored the highest 48 … Read more

EURO 2021 | Progressive mathematics: The certainty of the round of 16 already at a distance on Monday? The Czech team can also win the group

Czech team before the match with Scotland., UEFA The situation in Group D was clarified by the result of the match between England and Scotland, which did not bring any goal. A draw with England is now enough for a squinting party to win their group unexpectedly. As we will see below, however, there … Read more

hunt who won 731 million. The letter and a puzzling name – Libero Quotidiano

A Lonaconing, a very poor citizen of Maryland, in the United States, in January, a citizen bought the winning ticket of the Powerball, our Superenalotto, and he pocketed himself 731 million dollars, the fifth highest sum ever won in America. And immediately the hunt for the mysterious winner in the town of 1,200 souls began. … Read more

California Covid-19 Vaccine Today: They offer paid vacations to encourage you to get vaccinated; look at the packages and how to win

Coronavirus This is the information you need to know about the coronavirus vaccine in the USA Coronavirus Vaccine in the United States: How to Earn Paid Vacation if I Receive the Vaccine? Can I receive money after being vaccinated in California? Reuters Nor is it a surprise that there are many people around the world … Read more