On Tuesday, a cool night will be followed by a rainy and windy day – in Latvia

On Tuesday, a calm and cool night is expected in Latvia before the onset of rainy and windy weather, weather forecasters predict. The amount of clouds at night on Tuesday will be small and variable, in some places it will rain temporarily. When blowing slowly to a moderate southwest wind, the air will cool to … Read more

Rainy and windy weather expected this week BNN

In the second week of September, the weather in Latvia will be determined by a wide cyclone over the north of Scandinavia. Due to the cyclone, windy winds and precipitation are expected until the next holidays, warn the weather forecasters of the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology (LEGMC). At the beginning of the … Read more

Very Windy Hurricane Laura Approaches Louisiana

Sandbags in front of doors, shuttered windows, evacuations: residents of Louisiana and south Texas were preparing Tuesday to face Hurricane Laura, which is due to hit the American coast Wednesday evening. The cyclone carries winds of 150 km / h. Laura, which caused the deaths of 25 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, is … Read more