2022 Short Track Speed ​​Skating National Training Camp Opens, Zhang Jing as General Counsel_Physical Fitness_Winter Olympics_Ren Zi

Original title: 2022 short track speed skating national training camp opens with Zhang Jing as general consultant Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 11 (Reporters Ding Wenxian, Liu Yang, Yu Sihui) The opening ceremony of the 2022 National Short Track Speed ​​Skating Training Camp was held at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium on the 11th. Athletes will … Read more

Xu Qin in Heilongjiang Province participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Representatives Symposium, stressing that the Winter Olympics dream is realized and then set off to unite together to send a congratulatory letter to the future Gou Zhongwen Zhou Changkui Zhang Hong video speech Hu Changsheng presided over Huang Jiansheng Wang Zhijun attended

Xu Qin emphasized at the symposium of representatives of Heilongjiang Province participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games Gou Zhongwen sent a congratulatory letter, Zhou Changkui and Zhang Hong delivered a video speech Hu Changsheng hosted Huang Jiansheng and Wang Zhijun attended May 18, 2022 08:53:00 Source: Heilongjiang Daily Author: Cao Zhongyi … Read more

Establishment of Publicity Committee for Sapporo Bid for 2030 Winter Olympics_Japan_Olympics_International Olympic Committee

Original title: Establishment of publicity committee for Sapporo’s bid for 2030 Winter Olympics Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, May 12 (Reporter Wang Zijiang) In order to bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics, the Japanese city of Sapporo recently established a national organization called the “Propaganda Committee”, hoping to strengthen the Olympic propaganda and win more Japanese … Read more

Spring Tides, Talking Longjiang | Kong Fanyu makes Longjiang the place where children’s “ice and snow dreams” begin

Spring Tides, Talking Longjiang | Kong Fanyu makes Longjiang the place where children’s “ice and snow dreams” begin April 30, 2022 07:25:45 Source: Heilongjiang Daily Author: Yan Ziqian Kong Fanyu is the representative. Photo by Guo Junfeng, an all-media reporter of Heilongjiang Daily □ Yan Ziqian, all media reporter of Heilongjiang Daily At the group … Read more

China’s Snow Night Su Yiming incarnates guitarist Gu Ailing to play “Memory of Love”_Winter Olympics_Breakthrough_Beijing

Original title: China Snow Night Su Yiming incarnates guitarist Gu Ailing to play “Memory of Love” On the evening of April 16, the “Ice and Snow Towards the Future, Glory Starts Again” China Ice and Snow Night event was held at the Capital Gymnasium. Su Yiming’s Japanese coach Yasuhiro Sato won the honor of “Salute … Read more

Beijing: Azzurri at the Quirinale, Mattarella: ‘War is the opposite of the Olympic spirit’ – Sport

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received this morning at the Quirinale the Olympic and Paralympic medalists and a representation of Italian athletes who participated in the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. The ceremony opened with the performance of the national anthem by the Junior Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia. The President … Read more

Make good use of the heritage of the Winter Olympics to help build a sports power

core reading The preparation and holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics have ignited the enthusiasm of the public to participate in ice and snow sports, and greatly promoted the popularization and promotion of ice and snow sports in my country. Taking the opportunity of the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports have achieved leapfrog … Read more

Build Olympic facilities and use the new model Shougang Ski Jumping Platform after the competition to welcome guests in all seasons_International_City_Events

Original title: After the Olympic facilities are built, the new model Shougang Ski Jumping Platform will be used to welcome guests in all seasons The picture shows the Shougang cooling tower.Photo by Xu Jing China News Service, Beijing, March 30 (Xu Jing) During the “post-Winter Olympics” period, the Shougang Ski Jump will be the world’s … Read more

The man ‘s relationship with Putin for the Olympic champion determines not only wealth but also sanctions Sports

Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine is a concern for the Russians themselves. Sanctions have been imposed on oligarchs, athletes and others. Tatiana Navka was sanctioned by the United States. The 46-year-old woman was born in the Russian-invaded Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk and moved to Moscow as a teenager. In 1994, she became a citizen of … Read more

Changing the pattern of “strong ice and weak snow”, China’s ice and snow sports open a new chapter_News Center_China Net

China’s Ice and Snow Sports Open a New Chapter (Focus on “Post-Winter Olympics”①) The curtain of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics came to an end. We witnessed the glorious moment of the “city of double Olympics” and bid farewell to “Bingdundun” and “Xue Rongrong”. The Beijing Winter Olympics has left a rich … Read more