Thousands of women protest against President Lukashenko in Belarus

Updated on August 29, 2020, 7:03 p.m. A huge number of security forces is in Minsk. The women still take to the streets against President Lukashenko – and Kremlin chief Putin is once again making it clear whose side he is on. You can find more current news here Despite a strict ban on demonstrations, … Read more

Kremlin was in Belarus before foreign interference

AIn view of the protests that have been going on for more than a week, the Kremlin has warned against foreign interference in Belarus. The situation could escalate further if there were attempts to “interfere from outside in internal affairs of the republic,” said the Kremlin on Tuesday after a telephone call from the president … Read more

Moscow’s polyphonic message to the regime in Belarus

IIn Russia, events in Belarus are being followed closely. For the Kremlin, the situation is as ambivalent as President Vladimir Putin’s congratulatory message to Alexandr Lukashenka: She congratulates him on his alleged re-election, but at the same time calls for “deepening cooperation” in the Union state of both countries and more supranational “integration”. Anger in … Read more

Violence in Belarus again: Tichanovskaya went underground

WWhile many people in several Belarusian cities were preparing to protest against the official result of the presidential elections on Monday evening, the regime of permanent rulers concentrated Alexandr Lukashenka on his currently greatest opponent, Svetlana Tichanowskaja. After all, it announced on Monday that it would not recognize the unbelievable official results – with a … Read more

Vaccine approval in August ?: Russia wants to vaccinate from October

Doctors and teachers first, then the rest of the population. Russia wants to vaccinate extensively from autumn, the approval of the required vaccine is already in preparation, said Health Minister Muraschko. This would make Russia far ahead of all other countries. In the fight against the coronavirus, Russia plans to start vaccinating in autumn. This … Read more