With the intention of revealing “secrets”: Meghan Markle’s father works on a documentary to talk about his daughter

Lapatilla January 18 2021, 2:19 pm Undoubtedly, many are intrigued to know what the life of Meghan Markle before royalty; now his father has announced that he is working on a documentary film to reveal a few details. The relationship of Meghan Markle and her father seems to be getting worse over time, but according … Read more

Match, the escuintleco who works for music and that Arjona is his inspiration

By Grecia Ortíz [email protected] The desire to improve himself and generate better life opportunities for his family in Guatemala, led the artist from Squint Match Díaz to migrate to Los Angeles, California, United States, where he settled without forgetting his passion for music, which continues present in your life. Match began with his musical project … Read more

HoloLens 2 now works with Chromium-based Microsoft Edge

The Hololens continue to improve, though, as it is not a consumer product we are not so aware of your updates. In fact, during this year’s CES we saw the first alternatives from manufacturers such as Lenovo. Today we show you the improvements that Microsoft is working on within the Insider program. A new browser … Read more

How Online Marketing Works These are the content marketing trends for 2021

By Laura Moroder * Building content communitiesBuilding groups that are specifically geared towards sharing and creating content enables companies to further increase their reach with fewer resources. At the same time, the associated feeling of community has a positive effect on the audience’s engagement. Whether it’s content for social networks, blogs, or webinars, people love … Read more

Tafalla approves a loan of 265,000 euros for works

tafalla – The City Council of Tafalla gave the green light last Wednesday, during an extraordinary plenary session, to a credit modification to incorporate 265,000 euros into the accounts for this 2021, an amount that will go to carry out various works in the city. The entire municipal corporation approved a modification of this year’s … Read more

This is how home care works for patients with Covid in CDMX

He Government of Mexico City presented this Thursday the strategy of Covid-19 Specialized Care at Home, so that patients who do not require hospitalization can receive medications and medical advice. The capital’s operating program plans to increase hospital capacity and establishes a protocol for private medical care for patients at home. Read also: Faced with … Read more

Rotation of senior staff and the work environment in the SECOB Works Contracting Service

Ahmad, A., & Rainyee, R. (2014). Which is the best predictor of employee turnover intentions: Job satisfaction or organizational commitment? A literature review. International Journal of Information, Business and Management, 6(1), 2-10. Behn, R. D. (1998). What right do Public Managers Have to Lead . Public Administration Review Vol 58 N° 3, 209-225. Corzo, FL, … Read more

Mike Gonsolín: Producer of the famous works with Snoop Dogg

Mike Gonsolin started with a small production studio, his talent and creativity attracted established figures of hip hop and new wave, such as Snoop Dogg, Frech Montana among other celebrities who today stand out worldwide with their music and YouTube videos that add up to millions. of productions. His given name is Michael James Gonsolin … Read more