Penquistas create an app that seeks to revolutionize home cleaning: this is how it works | Technology

Three friends from Concepción began an adventure more than 4 years ago with the aim of creating an app that would connect customers and suppliers of different types of cleaning services, now their application will be released in July. “Great cleaning” or “deep cleaning” is the meaning of Soji (Japanese), the name of the application … Read more

How Sweatcoin works: the app that pays for walking | Technology

Sweatcoin is the name of the application for mobile devices, which, through GPS, records the steps taken by the user and for every thousand steps, approximately, delivers 1 sweatcoin, a virtual currency with which different products or services can be exchanged. To give an example, 3 million steps are equivalent to a monthly subscription to … Read more

Stopper Jeřábek is seeking an engagement in Zbrojovka. When it works, the girlfriend will be happy, she says

Due to the fact that he did not compete for the championship matches at all this spring, he agreed with the management of Zbrojovka on a roughly ten-day test. “I believe that it is on the right track, and everything will turn out as it should,” said the 191-centimeter-tall Jeřábek, who would like to be … Read more

Lenovo showed the laptop of the future. It works without a screen

MOZI is a subsidiary brand of the company Lenovo, showed the concept of the laptop of the future. The device has no screen. The built-in projector in the upper part of the case is responsible for displaying the picture. To do this, the laptop must be against a wall or other light surface. Another feature … Read more

Final works at Darius and Girėnas stadiums

2022-06-17 14:22 © Kaunas municipality photo. Kaunas will have a stadium that meets international standards in the near future. Final works have started at Darius and Girėnas stadiums – Swiss specialists are strengthening the hybrid lawn. The report of Kaunas municipality adds that after the strengthening of the lawn there will be works on the … Read more

New Nissan Juke Hybrid Test: Works Like a Prius

And today for the little ones SUV The crossover segment seems long overcrowded, but manufacturers are increasingly attracting new models one after the other – often technically identical, but different looks (and preferably with the greatest possible individualization) are in demand like never before. © Manufacturer’s archive The look has always been one of the … Read more

The distribution of domestic online dramas implements a licensing system, and online audio-visual works gradually enter the mainstream view_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

Original title: Licensing system for domestic online drama distribution New Industry Updates on “Netmark” core reading In recent years, online audio-visual literature and art represented by online film and television dramas have developed rapidly. In the past, online dramas only displayed online record numbers. From June 1, a licensing system will be implemented for the … Read more

US authorities have approved the first effective remedy for baldness. According to the study, it works in almost half of patients – ČT24 – Czech Television

Alopecia is a disease that manifests itself in the loss of body hair, most often hair. However, it can also take worse forms, which manifest themselves as the loss of all hair, including that in the nose or ears. One of the most common variants is the so-called alopecia areata – it is an autoimmune … Read more