Juve, Arthur and the injury: decisive retirement, there is the risk of an operation

The Brazilian did specific work in the summer to put behind the pain due to calcification between the tibia and fibula that affected him from February onwards. In retreat he must climb Allegri’s hierarchies, but any intervention would also slow down the exit plan in midfield One of the question marks with which Juventus begins … Read more

Juventus transfer market: capital gains and zero parameters, the new strategy

In recent years, the sales had also exceeded 200 million in revenues, but generating a spiral that will not be fed by bringing some contracts to maturity, thanks also to the capital increase arriving in the autumn. Once upon a time there was the season of capital gains, that period of the year in which … Read more

Windows 11 Nice interface and easy-to-use features. Ready to install at the end of this year – Siamphone.com

Windows 11 Ready for work, study and play, delivering a great user experience. These include features designed to be easy to use and allow for seamless multitasking, and the new Microsoft Store will be available later this year. both for new PCs And in the form of a free upgrade for Windows 10 PCs. faster … Read more

Danilo, Chiesa and co .: Juve, the fixed points that Allegri has never coached

A journey among the Juventus players who have never worked for Allegri, from De Ligt, the pivot of defense to Rabiot who declared that he had chosen Juve precisely for the coach, up to Arthur and Kulusevski who hope to win him It will be Allegri bis for many, not for everyone. In the new … Read more

Vy has lost millions on car rental – now they are buying Tesla

It attracted attention when NSB started renting cars back in 2018. They bought 250 copies of the electric car Renault Zoe, and placed these around Oslo. NSB Bybil was the name of the service, it was later renamed Vy Bybil. Here you could rent a car, at a fixed minute price. Several teams questioned whether … Read more

tension builds between De Wever and Bouchez on social media, “You could have thought about that before, right?”

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 11:22 p.m. On the eve of Egbert Lachaert’s first report to the king, Bart De Wever and Georges-Louis Bouchez cling to social networks about a possible Vivaldi coalition. The president of the Open VLD, Egbert Lachaert, is due to make his first report to the King this Friday … Read more

how she overcame bulimia and ate a healthy diet, what the princess ate

Every anniversary of the death of Lady Di It is the reason for the review of her life, of which there are still numerous speculations, and even theories about whether her death was really an accident or even whether she was murdered. Her popularity has not waned in all this time and she continues to … Read more

Pirlo and Ronaldo: Juve, pact between champions for the tenth Scudetto

Enthusiasm to the stars for the baptism of the new Juventus coach at Continassa: “The first day went great, we hope to continue better” The small crowd that gathered early in the morning in front of the entrance to J Medical, equipped with smartphones, pens and masks, was rewarded, because Andrea Pirlo got off the … Read more

Start the day fresh and refreshed? Here is the solution!

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? A cold shower will give you more energy than several cups of coffee put together! Being more productive and more energetic is ultimately what we all want. We are bombarded from all sides with advice and tips. To find out what actually works, the Dutch author … Read more