Tragedy. A bus carrying a youth football team crashed off a bridge, four people did not survive the accident

The youth team was returning from Ubaporanga, where they played two tournaments for players under 16 and under 18, to the city of Duque de Caxias. In the younger category, the players finished second, the older ones already dominated the tournament without any problems. “Everyone was happy to win the tournament and then unfortunately it … Read more

This Ciamis Youth Becomes President of BEM at Columbia University, Who is He?

Jakarta – Secretly a young Ciamis became President WELL at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). He is the figure of Deris Nagara. Deris officially became the chair of the faculty’s BEM for the 2023-2024 period. Until now, no young man from Indonesia has ever held this position. “Yes, at SIPA Columbia … Read more

It’s like a youth elixir collagen store! How to make marrow bone broth?

As we age, it is possible to naturally increase the amount of collagen that decreases in our body. The food with the highest amount of collagen is marrow bone broth! So how is marrow bone broth made? What are the benefits? It is very important to consume foods that contain collagen to keep immunity strong. … Read more

when pigeons make Senegalese youth travel – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers Contrary to Europe, the breeding and racing of racing pigeons is attracting more and more young generations in the country, who train each other and on the Internet in this demanding but expensive hobby. In the populous Grand-Yoff district of Dakar, it’s easy to find Moustapha Diakhaté. “When he is … Read more

Tenth place in the mixed relay for the Latvian team at the European Youth Winter Olympics in biathlon

The Latvian team with Esther Wolff, Elsa Bleidel, Kristians Karlsberg and Aleksis Samcevičs took tenth place in the mixed relay in the biathlon competition at the European Youth Winter Olympics in Italy on Saturday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising With two spare cartridges, Wolff passed the baton in the standing shooting in ninth … Read more

“I couldn’t sleep all night, the images haunt me”

Human remains were discovered on Friday evening in the basement of an apartment building in the Antwerp district of Deurne. The human bust was discovered by a group of friends, young men in their twenties. One of them testifies: “I couldn’t sleep all night. The images of this suitcase and what it contained haunt me,” … Read more

Czechia – Slovakia 4:1, Gold! Czech women’s hockey players dominated the Youth Olympics. A snowboarder also added to the triumph

The Czech women’s ice hockey players in the basic group already managed a key duel with Sweden, which they defeated 3:2 after raids. Only the winner from the group of four advanced to the finals. After that, Germany and Italy were easily defeated and the federal derby was waiting for them in the fight for … Read more

The popularity and word-of-mouth of “Youth Song Xing” ended to witness the blood of young people in the cold

Source title: “Young Song Xing”, which is both popular and popular Adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhou Munan, The Impossible World, produced by Youku and Morningstar Shengshi, co-produced by Shengge Film and Television, and China Film Niannian, directed by Yin Tao, starring Li Hongyi, starring Liu Xueyi, Lin Boyang, Ao Ruipeng, … Read more

Employment vacancies with or without experience.. Details of the open employment day from Youth and Sports

Keen Ministry of Youth and Sports On many postings Vacancies Through her initiativeEmployment Egypt», as the ministry constantly announces opportunities vacant jobs For those looking for job opportunities with remunerative salaries. Vacancies today Vacancies in Kuwait for doctors and nurses.. The workforce reveals the date and method of application – archive photo The Central Administration … Read more

Larisa Kalpokaita – 65: a second youth, a promise to her son and the role of the “witch” of her dreams | Names

Theater and film actress Larisa Kalpokaitė doesn’t say much – during the season it’s hard to find a free day to celebrate. Rehearsals, premieres and other activities follow each other at this time. And although this year it was announced that Larisa would be free on her birthday, she says that she is not going … Read more