Tamberi and Sotomayor’s smile

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While Mutaz Essa Barshim“emir of Qatar”, was fighting to win his fourth world title in the high jump, Javier Sotomayor He watched the competition in the stands. He did not fear for his world record (2.45), achieved in Salamanca. He’s been safe since 1993 and, based on how the discipline has been for quite some time, it looks like he’s going to stay calm at the top of the charts. It is one of those records with a justified vocation of eternity.

It was barely threatened between 2013 and 2015. In that three-year period, several athletes, in an exercise of contagious emulation, exceeded 2.40 once or twice. Especially Barshim who, in 2014, rose to 2.43 and has collected 13 marks above 2.40 in his career (Sotomayor added 21). But his magical moment, along with that of the others, was exhausted in the effort. And there he stayed, insufficient in his ambition, but commendable in his merit.

While Barshim began to suffer, the three Spaniards, Saúl Ordóñez, Adrián Ben and Mohamed Attaoui, they qualified for the semifinals of the 800. Adrián, first in his series with 1:45.37, offered a particularly pleasant impression. Good and wise. He reads the races like nobody else and finishes them off with force.

The high jump continued, centimeter by centimeter, and, at the opposite end of the stadium, the Championship bombing took place. The “untouchable” American Valarie Allman (69.23) fell to his compatriot Annual Report (69.49) in the discus throw. And the dry grimace of annoyance and the wet tears of joy from one to the other still lasted when Faith KipyegonLogically, he won the 1,500 with a “great time”: 3:54.87. The eight finalists dropped below four minutes. Brutal.

When the 3,000 obstacles ended with the triumph of Soufiane el Bakkali (8:03.53), Barshim, who is already 32 years old, failed and took bronze in 2.33. Gianmarco Tamberi and JuVaughn Harrison they tied at 2.36. The Italian beat the American by fewer nulls. In the stands, Sotomayor smiled understandingly, like a father to a son. If they continue without threatening his record, he’ll end up smiling like a grandfather smiles at a grandson. Or a great grandfather.

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