The ANAR Foundation warns that sexist violence against girls and adolescents is growing: 87% more in four years

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The ANAR Foundation has confirmed an increase in violence suffered by girls and adolescents, which has increased by 39.7% in four years, with a special incidence of sexist violence (87% more) and a tendency towards the normalization of certain violent behaviors, since that 70% do not report.

These are some of the main data collected by the Study “Evolution of violence against women in childhood and adolescence in Spain (2018-2022)”, based on the analysis of the calls and testimonies that reach this organization through the different ANAR Help Lines.

In this period of time, ANAR has attended to 20,515 girls, boys and adolescents victims of violence against women and has responded to 382,219 requests for help.

Among these cases, there are mothers who are victims of gender violence with minor children, who are also victims directly or indirectly, adolescents who suffer sexist violence in their relationships, and girls who suffer other types of violence such as sexual assault, cyberbullying. , grooming, etc.

Among the main conclusions, Anar has highlighted the increase in 39.7% of minors treated for violence against women in its four variants: gender violence, domestic violence, sexual violence and other types of physical or psychological violence.

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