The best series of the week: ‘Closed circle’, many things, but above all addictive

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closed circle I was pretty lazy. For boasting of the convoluted (but not complicated) of its plot, for having a frankly strange cast or for bearing the signature of Steven Soderbergh, an efficient guy as a director but unpredictable when it comes to choosing projects. His name has long been only a guarantee of an impeccable realization. Or not even that anymore: see the last installment of the universe Magic Mike and freak out. But, like getting off caffeine, stopping being curious to see his work is hard. I have tried both and so far I have not achieved either.

What was most backwards closed circle It is that it is coffee for very coffee lovers: this miniseries is a new collaboration between Soderbergh and the screenwriter Ed Solomon and some of us remember the previous one. Because some of us fell into the trap of that series called Mosesc, whose promotional campaign focused on convincing us that its interactive Rashomon narrative (although, in Spain, we didn’t even taste the latter) would be amazing. It was not like that and, oh surprise, the only noteworthy thing about the series was a Sharon Stone who, interpretively desperate, clung to the Catherine Tramell of Basic Instinct with nails, teeth and cashmere. in front of me Garrett Hedlundthat actor you call when you can’t afford to Chris Hemsworth y Sam Worthington is kidnapped by James Cameron on the set of Avatar.

but of closed circle there are also things that seduce me and that, surprisingly, comply. Its plot is so entertaining that we forgive it for a crazy premise and several script holes, its cast is alchemy and the work of staging and photography by Steven Soderbergh is superb. The series, available at HBO Max, he lays his foundations with such conviction and advances with such a relentless pace that already in the first episode one knows that he will forgive everything. She will even forgive him for Claire Danes repeating her character as Fleishman is in trouble at times, she will forgive him for the very strange interpretation of Timothy Olyphant and will forgive him that Dennis Quaid goes out with a ponytail to the The Idolbecause we are already at that point where Dennis Quaid he puts on a wig and plays the father of Claire Danes. The future was this.

How could it be otherwise, the closed circle of the series title is a metaphor, a promise (of circular narration) and, in a tremendously risky conceptual decision, a literal element of the plot that if not carried out to its final consequences would be ridiculous as could not be. There Soderbergh and Solomon risk and win. That this part of the series, based on a great CCH Pounder (the Claudette Wyms of The Shield), it works, it’s miraculous and hilarious. Such nonsense is necessary because something else is not, but this fiction when it wants to be incisive, critical and tough, it knows how to be. closed circle It is many things, but above all one: addictive.

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