The cameras of a gas station captured Álvaro Prieto on the roof of the car before being electrocuted by the catenary

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The surveillance cameras of a gas station near the workshop area of ​​the Santa Justa stationin Seville, have been decisive so that the Police can begin to close the circle in the death of the young man from Córdoba Alvaro Prieto. As you have been able to know THE WORLDthe videos show the Córdoba youth footballer – missing since the 12th – on the roof of the train where his body was found yesterday.

According to the images, Alvaro Prieto He grabs hold of the catenary, which causes him to be electrocuted and fall between the train cars, where he is trapped without anyone noticing until, yesterday, a team of TVE that broadcast live monitoring of his disappearance captured the images. He was subjected, as revealed by the first forensic examination, to 3,500 volts.

The train in which he lost his life had been out of service since last August and remained stopped on a side track next to the Santa Justa technical treatment center, known for practical purposes as the area of ​​​​the workshops of Renfe.

Company sources assure that the convoy did not have electricity because, precisely, it was in the repair phase. In fact, yesterday morning he made his first test ride after the breakdown. He did it without passengers. It was the moment when public television cameras captured Álvaro’s body. In a first approximation, the forensic experts date the young man’s death to the same day he disappeared, the morning of last Thursday, October 12.

The first conclusions of these specialists indicate that Prieto had burns on his hands and, he explains, “compatible signs of an electric shock taking into account the high-voltage coupling cables between the cars.”

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