"Where are they?" Families of imprisoned or missing soldiers express their anger in kyiv

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“Where are they? The families of the missing Ukrainian soldiers or imprisoned people demonstrated this Monday in kyiv, denouncing the “silence” of President Volodimir Zelensky and the military command.

About 200 protesters, mostly womenthey gathered in the center of the Ukrainian capital, and then marched to a military barricade near Zelensky’s offices to demand a meeting with the president.

“Zelenski! Zelenski!” they chanted, some through tears, shouting their anger at the soldiers and police stationed there. “You are taking our men to the slaughterhouse”, a woman shouted. “Where are they? Give us our children back,” shouted another.

The war has already lasted 600 days and the Ukrainian counteroffensive is barely making any progress. Families complain about the lack of information received from military command, who often refuses to talk to them. The various units in which their loved ones served mainly fight in the Donbass (east).

The Ukrainian president did not go down to meet with the protesters, but they were able to deliver letters to a representative of the Presidency.

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