The Court condemns two Islamists who arrived in Almería by boat: "They were not just immigrants"

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The National Court has convicted two members of a jihadist cell who arrived in Spain on a boat that arrived in Almería in April 2020 for terrorism. A third member of the group, a former rapper, was found dead in prison a few days after it ended. the trial.

The Second Section imposes penalties of six years in prison Abderrezak Seddiki and Kossalia Chollouah for integration into a terrorist organization. To the first of them he adds another year for carrying a false passport.

The death of the main accused, Abdelmajed Abdel Bary, prevents a sentence from being passed, although the magistrates consider it proven that he was a member of Daesh since 2014, both as a combatant and as a recruiter of women for the cause. Among them, a Spanish woman who has already been convicted by the National Court.

The ruling maintains that the three defendants were in Algeria at the beginning of 2020 and from there, in order to maintain a cell member of the Islamic State organization, they prepared their entry into Spain. On the night of April 13 to 14, 2020, they arrived on the coast of Almería, a city where they were arrested a few days later as a result of the police surveillance to which they were subjected.

Both were part of a cell that was dedicated “to financing their terrorist activities by committing massive banking scams through the carding“, that is, massive fraud over the Internet.

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