The gorings of Rafaelillo and Álvaro de la Calle in the torista temple of Ceret reopen the controversy of the health protocol in France

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The quintessential tourist weekend has been held for 35 years in Ceret (France), a few kilometers from Perpignan. In times of censorship, citizens went to see mutilated films in Spain or directly archived in the drawer of oblivion to safeguard the collective conscience. In this age of the modern tyranny of single thoughtThere are hundreds of fans from Catalonia who cross the border in search of bulls. The Constitutional lifted the ban on bullfighting in his land but there are no bullfights throughout the territory.

Those that are celebrated in Ceret have the bull as their protagonist. In a rather small square, an animal is fought that could perfectly be released in the arenas of Madrid or Bilbao. The organizers are a group of fans who design their ideal fair in terms of cattle and bullfighters.s with a budget that comes out of their pockets. Juan Carlos Carreño, an experienced bullfighter, is in charge of carrying it out through the relevant contracts and field work -as an observer-.

With this system, three bullfights and one bullfight have been held this weekend. The first It was that of Peñajara de Casta Jijona that gave a show on the horse (no bull left with less than three punches) but who stood too long on the crutch. Javier Cortés stood out with his well-established bullfighting to win the substitution of Robleño on Sunday against the Escolar bulls. Alberto Lamelas showed his face and Rafaelillo was wounded in the armpit with a goring from three trajectories.

The Saltillo bullfight had an uneven presentation but three bulls of important background, humiliating and embedded. Bravos but in the sense of the search for the tackle below, to do the bullfighting. Damián Castaño found one of that style and another of those who ask for roles, with a lot of transmission. With both he was as willing as he was sincere, he walked around with the only trophy of the afternoon and cried out for more opportunities with a bullfight frankly to be taken into account.

Sánchez Vara, who went around the ring, demonstrated his fighting skills by curdling the right python with an overflowing attack for anyone else. On the left he did not have a pass and when they asked him – some Spanish fans – to put himself on that piton he did so receiving a defeat that opened his satchel at the height of the groin. Maxime Solera did not take advantage of the good condition of the open cornia sixth.

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