The Government squeezes the winks to the officials in the middle of the electoral campaign

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First, the Government published the call for 100 scholarships of up to 7,000 euros for aspiring officers. It was July 7, San Fermín, and just the day the electoral campaign began. On Monday the 11th it was learned that the Civil Service was going to call a large Public Employment Offer (OPE), which the following day was confirmed to exceed the historic figure of 39,500 places. And this Monday, already in the same week in which the elections will be held, the Official State Gazette (BOE) included that the Executive will raise in a 35% the amount of allowances that officials will charge for using their private vehicle to work. In this way, the Executive yesterday completed its series of nods and perks to officials, in the middle of the campaign and squeezing the Civil Service.

Regarding the last measure, the increase in diets, the department headed by María Jesús Montero has brought the payment to 0.26 euros per kilometer from the previous 0.19 euros. The authorization to carry out this substantial improvement already occurred in December of last year, when it was included among the “response measures to the economic and social consequences of the Ukrainian War and support for the reconstruction of the island of La Palma and other situations of vulnerability”. This is recognized by the Ministry itself, but the Government has waited until this week to carry it out and publish it in the BOE.

«The consequences of the war tension in Ukraine have caused, currently, the prices of gasoline or diesel are almost double what they were in 2005, when the last update was carried out”, justified Public Function. And from the Ministry they added that “the 0.26 euros per mileage will be paid after the presentation of the corresponding fuel bill and a statement justifying the displacement.” “Subsequently, and after checking the documentation, a deposit will be made into their checking account,” they stressed.

Regarding the Public Employment Offer, the Executive also tried to justify that it was a totally necessary decision. That, although it is “the largest offer in history”, this has nothing to do with the fact that it was produced during the electoral period, but rather that it is done for the needs of the public sphere. «The record number It is established by the objective need to strengthen a workforce that was weakened by years of cuts and zero replacement rates, “Montero explained at the press conference after the Council of Ministers in which the measure was approved.

And also the scholarships were totally necessary and, as explained by the Ministry, the holding of the elections had nothing to do with their announcement. Public Function wanted to highlight that the regulatory bases were announced already in May, and so it is. But it is that they were published on the 26th of that month, just two days before for the regional and local elections to take place.

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