The Greek Minister of Labor explodes against Yolanda Díaz: "You may want to ask us for advice on reducing unemployment in your country, which is now champion"

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The Greek Minister of Labor, Adonis Georgiadishas exploded in the face of criticism from the acting vice president, Yolanda Diaz, dedicated this weekend to the new Labor Law Project of the European country. “Dear Mrs. Díaz may wish to ask us for some advice on how to reduce unemployment in her country, which unfortunately he is now their champion“, the Greek representative exploded on his social networks this Sunday.

The controversy dates back to last Friday, when the Greek Government approved a labor reform that, among other things, opens the door to the implementation of a sixth day of work a week and allows working days of up to 13 hours. Also through Twitter, Díaz referred to this new framework, which will allow the company to vary workers’ schedules to adapt them to production needs, as the path towards “involution”, a comment that has raised blisters in the Greek government.

In an extensive message flooded with figures, Georgiadis assured: “We received Greece in a much worse situation than Spain and today we are in a much better situation than it.” Furthermore, he has referred to Díaz as “the new iron lady of Podemos”.

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