The hard physical transformation of Cillian Murphy to shoot Oppenheimer

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Oppenheimer of Christopher Nolan hit theaters on Thursday, July 20. The film stars Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimera role for which he had to lose a lot of weight.

Emily Bluntwho embodies Oppenheimer’s wife, Katherine, confirmed the enormous effort that his partner made for the role. “It was a monumental task. And I could only eat, like, an almond a day“, he confessed in an interview with Extra.

“I love acting with my body and Oppenheimer had a very distinctive physique and silhouette, he wanted to do it right. I had to lose a lot of weight, and we work with the wardrobe. He was very thin, almost emaciated, subsisted on martinis and cigarettes. She had really bright eyes and I wanted to give her that wide-eyed look, so we did a lot of work on her silhouette and expressions before we started,” Murphy explained to The New York Times.

In addition, the actor also spoke with The Guardian about the grueling process he went through. “I had crazy energy. I crossed a threshold where I didn’t care about the food nor anything. He was immersed. But it was okay because the character was like that. He never ate,” commented the artist, who did not hide the negative side of his work method. “You become a bit competitive with yourself, it’s not healthy. I don’t recommend it,” she acknowledged.

Junto a Cillian Murphy y Emily Blunt, Oppenheimer also has Matt Damon like the general Leslie Groves Jr.director of Manhattan Projecty Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Straussa founding member of the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

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