The Hospital San Juan de Alicante begins to use a linear accelerator that halves the radiation time of tumors

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“We are going to have the appropriate technology for radiotherapy for the 21st century.” With this message, the head of Radiation Oncology of the Hospital Sant Joan de AlicanteGabriel Vázquez, to the Halcyon model linear accelerator, the first of its characteristics to be launched in public health in the Valencian Community.

This technology, the best currently available worldwide, represents a great advance for the treatment of brain tumors since it is capable of halving the radiation time of tumors.

“The new team halcyon that we are launching comes to enrich our radiotherapy oncology service, since it offers an excellent quality of treatment, much faster since We went from the current 15 minutes to 9 minutes per sessionwhich has an impact on greater comfort for patients and the possibility of treating more patients with the appropriate number of personnel”, indicates the head of the Radiation Oncology service.

But not only will treatment be improved in speed, this new machine “will allow the introduction of special techniques, such as radiosurgery and extracranial SBRT“.

The equipment begins with the treatment of pelvic tumors, such as prostate, bladder, cervical or endometrial tumors and will progressively be used in other lesions located in the thorax, such as lung or breast cancer.

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