The judge investigating the ‘PDVSA case’ refuses to call Nicolás Maduro to testify

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The judge of the National Court investigating the PDVSA case has refused to summon the president of Venezuela and former president of the Board of Directors of PDVSA, Nicolas Maduro. Judge María Tardón investigates money laundering in Spain of illicit benefits derived from corrupt activities by Venezuelan officials and businessmen related to the public oil company.

The owner of the Central Court of Instruction number Three thus dismisses the request of the former Vice Minister of Electric Development of Venezuela Javier Alvarado Ochoa for which it will be cited to declare as witnesses or as investigated both Maduro and the Cesar Rinconformer director of the company.

The magistrate considers that the “vague, imprecise and unjustified” reference to the fact that both statements are made “as witnesses or investigated” and “evidence that no relevant information can be obtained from them for the adequate clarification of the criminal activity in this proceeding.” . She also points out that they are “neither useful nor necessary” to advance the cause.

Tardón explains that the PDVSA case has been divided into four pieces due to the “long and extensive investigation” of the case, which has become “truly unmanageable”, and that it focuses on the possible concealment and laundering of illicit benefits through the purchase of real estate or the creation of holding companies in Spain.

The resolution rejects the other request by Alvarado Ochoa to request new documentation from PDVSA. The judge considers that it refers to facts that, “clearly”, are not the object of the investigation. In addition, according to the information provided to the Hearing for the Venezuelan Justice, those activities to which the documentation points are already being the subject of different procedures followed in that country against some of those investigated, including Ochoa.

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