The victims of the Titan knew "during a minute" that they were going to die, according to a Spanish expert

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It is possible that the Titan Victims, the submarine that imploded in the Atlantic Ocean while attempting a voyage with five crew members on board to visit the wreckage of the Titanic, they were aware of their end. It is possible that they realized, for about a minute (more specifically between 48 and 71 seconds), that they were going to die. This is stated by the Spanish submarine expert José Luis Martín, quoted by the ‘Daily Mail’.

According to Martín, the submarine lost stability due to an electrical failure, a failure that deprived it of the necessary propulsion to rise to the surface. It is believed that, after this, Titan would have fallen to the bottom of the sea “like an arrow, vertically”, with its porthole pointing downwards.

According to the Spanish expert, the submarine began its free fall at a depth of about 1,700 meters. It fell “like a stone and without any control” for about 1,000 meters, until it “burst like a balloon” due to the rapid change in pressure, after another 2,600 meters. Shortly before the end, the electrical system failed completely.

The five passengers on board “were on top of each other, terrified, in total darkness,” he considers.

The Titan disappeared on June 18, when a massive rescue operation to find him. After a few days, an implosion was hypothesized and then the first wreckage was found, destroying any hope of survival.

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