The King claims the Constitution as "maximum expression of our union" in Leonor’s oath

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Leonor’s flag oath has included the speech of Felipe VI who, as head of the Armed Forces, wanted to explain what the commitment to protect the Constitution and give his life for Spain entails, which is what the flag oath entails. .

Don Felipe has acknowledged that “it is very exciting” to witness the swearing in of the Heiress, something he did in 1982 and that “it is of great significance to see how the Princess continues that oath along with a new class of cadets.” That said, the King recalled that what the cadets promise when kissing the flag is a great sacrifice: “There is no greater commitment of dedication.” Furthermore, “it implies a personal, moral and legal duty that has no expiration date.” Despite this, “there is no better purpose than service to others, than giving to your country.”

The King wanted to underline the commitment they acquire with the Constitution, “with the values ​​and principles of the norm that guarantees our democratic coexistence and is the maximum expression of our union.”

Regarding the flag under which they have taken the oath, Don Felipe has claimed it as the “symbol that unites all Spaniards” and that “represents the legacy of a nation built with the effort of generations. A heritage of immense value from centuries of shared history, full of challenges, hopes and sacrifices”.

Don Felipe has highlighted integrity, honesty and rectitude as “a constant” that must be present in the cadets’ careers. And he has finished his speech by addressing Leonor. “Remember that the commitment you have assumed carries the greatest responsibility with Spain, you know well that the Crown symbolizes its unity and permanence.” Finally, he assured that he knows that the Heiress will always keep in mind “that your responsibility, in any circumstance and at all times, is to serve Spain with all your energy and determination, with true passion.”

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