Terror in Israel: "I hear their voices and they knock on the door. I am with my two small children"

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“Terrorists are trying to enter my house.” Terror took over this Saturday Ayelet Hachim while recounting to Channel 12 the moments after the dawn attack on Gaza. “I hear their voices and they knock on the door. I am with my two small children,” said Hachim from his home in Kibbutz Be’eri, near the Gaza Strip. It is one of the testimonies that have been collected in the international press, which was echoed from the first hour of the morning of ‘Operation Al Aqsa Storm’ launched by land, sea and air by the Al Qasam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

a rain of 5,000 rockets surprised to the Israeli citizens who were trapped in their homes, in cities and towns in the south of the country, at the mercy of armed Palestinian militant commandos who shot indiscriminately at the civilian population.

The citizens of the area themselves called the media to explain their situation, hiding in their homes or in shelters. “I have been at the shelter for more than two hours with my one-week-old babywhile my house is burning,” a Kibbutz resident told Channel 13.

Other images that have spread like wildfire on social networks are those of the attendees at a music festival held in the middle of the desert, which were surprised by Palestinian militiamen who launched a ground incursion into southern Israel. “They came from all directions, it was a battlefield,” a witness told the newspaper ‘Haaretz’. The videos show hundreds of people fleeing in terror across the countryside, running or driving. Relatives of attendees are desperately trying to locate them by sharing their photos on social media.

One of the attendees, Liron Ohion, who was at the party, was trapped in a burned area: “Me and three other girls have been hiding in a burned area for hours. Anyone who can get in touch, please rescue us.”

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