The ‘mini-Kadirov’ beating of a prisoner for burning the Koran

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In 2013, the Chechen religious scholars they appointed Adam Kadyrov, 6 years old“youngest hafiz of Russia”, a category that applies to the person who has memorized the Quran by heart. His father, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov, has raised his children in a mix of Islam, violence and autocracy: when the large-scale invasion began he sent them to the front and they are becoming increasingly important to take charge of the dynasty. That is why it has not surprised anyone that he has beaten a detainee accused of burning his most sacred book.

Nikita Zhuravel19 years old, was arrested accused of publicly setting fire to a Koran in the southwestern region of Volgograd. Unfortunately for him, the criminal case against him was transferred to the Muslim-majority republic of Chechnya after “multiple requests” from citizens of this region.

Russia’s presidential human rights commission received a complaint from Zhuravel accusing Adam, the Chechen leader’s 15-year-old son, of hit him while he was detained.

Chechnya has promised to investigate the incident, but Putin’s own viceroy in the Caucasus appears to have ended the discussion, proclaiming on Monday that he is proud of his son for beating a prisoner accused of burning the Koran. “He hit Him and did the right thing,” Kadirov said, adding that “anyone who infringes any sacred scripture must be severely punished.” He even shared the video of the attack.

Kadirov has enjoyed a generous funding from Putin in exchange for keeping Chechnya under control. He is also allowed to apply the law capriciously. The little Kadirov has inherited the instinct punisher his father’s. Adam Kadirov has been fighting since childhood. When he was eight years old, his fight in Grozny in the tournament mixed martial arts (MMA) Grand Prix Ajmat 2016 was shown on the Russian sports channel Match TV.

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