At least seven dead when the roof of a church falls during a mass in Mexico

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At least seven people died and 10 were injured this Sunday when the roof of a church collapsed during mass in the town of Madero City, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas (northeast), reported the local government.

“The death of seven people is confirmed, In addition, 10 injured people have been rescued.”The state government’s Security spokesperson reported in a statement and indicated that work is being done to rescue trapped people.

According to local media, under the rubble of the parish of Santa Cruz, of an industrial architectural style, there would be at least twenty people.

The government report specifies that the accident occurred around 2:18 p.m. when, presumably due to a failure in the structure, the upper part of the religious enclosure collapsed where, according to local media, a baptism was celebrated

“We are living in a very difficult moment (…) the roof of a church has collapsed while the celebration of the Eucharist is in progress,” José Armando Álvarez, bishop of the diocese of Tampico, said in a video on social networks. the church belongs

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