The next solar cycle will reach its maximum activity sooner than expected

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The astronomer Rafael Bachiller reveals to us in this series the most spectacular phenomena of the Cosmos. Topics of pulsating research, astronomical adventures and scientific news about the Universe analyzed in depth.

According to new predictions made by the solar physiciststhe solar cycle will reach its next maximum of activity earlier than previously planned and with greater intensity. These predictions are of great help in protecting satellite operations.

Every so often, large flares and eruptions occur in the Sun’s atmosphere, and that is when they are triggered. the biggest solar storms that, if they are directed towards the Earth, they can damage high-tech systems on which we depend so much, such as radio communication systems, electrical power networks and navigation signals.

Spaceships and astronauts are particularly exposed to these explosions of energy and, for them, it is convenient to dictate security provisions when storms are approaching. Predictions of solar activity are also very important to be able to carry out planning jobs in electrical companiesof communications y aerospace. That is to say, the functioning of our highly technological society depends, to a large extent, on the continuous monitoring of the Sun and the development of reliable prediction methods.

Solar activity is measured by number of stains on the surface of the Sun, the origin of flares and eruptions. The number of spots, known as the Wolf number, varies periodically, following a cycle of approximately 11 years (in practice, the length of the cycles can range from about 9 to 13 years).

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