The ‘no’ wins in the referendum on Aboriginal rights in Australia, according to the first data of the scrutiny

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Australia rejected this Saturday in a referendum a proposal to modify the Constitution of 1901which had the objective of creating a consultative body that would give indigenous people a voice before the Legislature and the Executive in matters that concern them.

With more than 70% of the vote, the No wins with 59.8%, while the Yes obtains 40.2% and, in addition, wins in at least five of the six states of the country, according to the preliminary results of the Australian Electoral Commission.

According to the regulations on referendums in Australia, for the constitutional amendment to be successful it had to achieve the majority of the votes cast in the nation and also have achieved victory in four of the six states that make up Australia.

The count began after the closing of more than 8,000 polling stations at 6:00 p.m. (07:00 GMT) in several jurisdictions on the Australian east coast, after ten hours of work.

The proposal for the recognition of indigenous people was a electoral promise by the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and was part of the Uluru Declaration from the Heart, which was born in 2017 after an indigenous convention that proposed constitutional changes.

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