The Ombudsman investigates the shipwreck of the boat that left two dead and 34 missing

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He Ombudsman has initiated an ex officio action to request information about the shipwreck of a pneumatic boat that was heading to the Canary Islands in which two immigrants died and another 34 disappeared.

As explained by the institution, the action is carried out both before the Canary Islands Regional Coordination Center of the Coordination Authority Against Irregular Immigration, as well as before the Maritime Rescue and Safety Society (Sasemar).

The Ombudsman requests information on the coordination measures adopted in this regard and the actions carried out during the rescue operation of that pneumatic, in which 60 people were traveling, which was assumed by Moroccoalthough it was not carried out until 10 hours after its location, despite the fact that Spain had a ship of Maritime Rescue in another operation just an hour away.

In a statement released this Friday, Maritime Rescue ensures that it has complied with international search and rescue procedures in the pneumatic emergency 40 miles from the African coast. Remember that the incident alert occurred in an area shared between Spain and Morocco, at a point closer to the African coast, 40 miles from Blah (Morocco) compared to 88 miles away from Gran Canariahence Rabat expressly assumed coordination and mobilized resources to proceed with the rescue.

On the nearby ship, the guardamar calliopeSalvamento points out that he could not go as he was heading to the port after rescuing 63 people, several of whom needed attention due to their condition.

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