The Police investigate death threats against Alejo Vidal-Quadras in the weeks before the attack

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Alejo Vidal-Quadras He received death threats from those around the Iranian regime weeks before being shot in the face in the heart of Madrid at the hands of a hitman. This circumstance, together with the close relationship that unites the politician with the dissidents of the Government of Iran -he manages several matters in his Barcelona law firm-, made the investigators convert the Iranian route into their main line of investigation in a still very embryonic phase.

The Catalan politician was the object of several intimidations, according to what was revealed to THE WORLD sources close to the investigation, although he did not report them to the Police for reasons that have not yet been revealed. The fact of having received these threats meant that, after being shot in the face, he himself introduced to investigators the hypothesis that Iran was behind the attack. It was at the time he was admitted to the hospital.

His interlocutors were the doctors who operated on him for a double jaw fracture, since the bullet passed through his face. Once the intervention was completed, the doctors transferred what they had told them to the Madrid Information Brigade.

This information from Vidal-Quadras before entering the operating room made the thesis that Iran could be behind the assassination attempt displace the rest of the theories. Immediately, the agents verified that the former president of the Popular Party in Catalonia and founder of Vox had received messages with death threats weeks before a man got off a motorcycle and shot him in broad daylight in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. Vidal-Quadras was one of the first politicians that Tehran included on its terrorist list. This last circumstance is another element that reinforces the Iranian theory. Other Iranian dissidents and opponents of Tehran have been the target of terrorist attacks in the US and Europe and some of these attacks were against Western citizens and commissioned by hitmen.

Four days after the attack, the National Court reviewed the main assumption of the Information Brigade that the attack suffered by Alejo Vidal-Quadras had a terrorist motivation. Therefore, the magistrate Francisco de Jorge An investigation was opened as it was a crime of attempted murder of a terrorist nature.

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