The PP considers its objective fulfilled: "You just had to see Sánchez’s face; they know they were wrong"

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The PP has not considered this investiture as an arithmetic procedure towards La Moncloa. It was not lost on Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s team that – just as now as a month ago – there were no real possibilities of winning a single vote beyond the 172 gathered together with Vox, the Canarian Coalition and the Navarro People’s Union. “We are not stupid,” Feijóo told the PSOE, and that also applies to managing the expectations of the popular people, who knew what they were going for.

But Genoa had not presented this debate as a fungible procedure, but as a first-level political event. What Feijóo wanted was to take advantage of the order Philip VI to define the governance debate, with an eye more on Pedro Sánchez than on himself and with the amnesty as a “context.” That is, as the real protagonist of the parliamentary fray.

«We have achieved exactly what we wanted. Portray others. Seeing their faces today [por ayer] “To the PSOE deputies, we are even happier,” says a leader from Genoa. “Now amnesty is more difficult,” adds another member of the popular leadership. “It has helped us that Sánchez does not come out” to the speakers’ gallery to “not talk about the amnesty.” “They were wrong and they know it,” say the sources.

Feijóo himself said he felt “satisfied” upon leaving Congress: “I couldn’t be more, honestly.” What good has the investiture been? «It has been proven who won the elections and who was four votes short of the absolute majority. Is a new stage opening? “On Friday we have to vote again.” And then? “And then we will see the votes and we will continue working for our country,” he simply said.

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