The PP warns that "amnesty delegitimizes democracy" and Feijóo will make an institutional statement

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo has announced that he will make an “institutional statement” starting at 2:45 p.m. Isabel Diaz Ayuso He has done the same, but before. After learning of both calls, the PP has sent the media a first reaction from Genoa. It is that of the general secretary of the popular, Cuca Gamarrawho pointed out that “it is a sad day for Spain and, above all, for constitutionalists”, since “the amnesty means delegitimizing democracy.”

For the number two of the PP, for the first time in democracy the Government “stops being at the service of the Rule of Law to put the Rule of Law at its service”, because the pact that the PSOE and Junts have signed this Thursday for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez assumes the propaganda that separatism has been spreading for years “to poison” coexistence.

“The agreement, as we feared, is much worse for the general interests of Spain and the Spanish than we had imagined because it enshrines the legal and political privilege of a handful of people above the rest of Spaniards who comply with the law and live together in peace”, according to the general secretary of the PP.

For all this, Gamarra concludes that from the PP “we are going to continue defending that Spain is a nation of free and equal citizens and that what belongs to everyone is decided among all because what has been accepted today is not an amnesty, but a infamy, political, legal and moral”. “We are talking about an amnesty for an investiture.”

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascalhas brought together, in turn, the party’s Political Action Committee, which is currently addressing the actions following the investiture announcement.

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