The PP will launch a battery of measures against the amnesty in the Senate

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The Popular Party’s plan against the possible amnesty largely depends on the mixture of its territorial power and its parliamentary power. Both will go hand in hand General Commission of the Autonomous Communities of the Senate, which has already been established and which the popular ones want to turn into the main battering ram and “dam of containment” against the amnesty. In fact, the Upper House Table, controlled by the PP, plans to convene this commission just before Pedro Sánchez’s investiture session, which does not yet have a date but is expected in mid-November.

The key for the popular is to exercise preventive opposition from the institutions. And not only with his absolute majority in the Senate, but with the speeches of 11 regional presidents of his party. Above all, those who achieved an absolute majority and have the greatest projection: Juanma Moreno and Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Furthermore, this commission will help the PP to propose a battery of measures against the possible amnesty for the crimes of the process. In fact, from this body it is possible to “exercise the legislative initiative, through propositions of law“, as well as “propose to the Senate Plenary motions regarding matters within its jurisdiction” and even present them after the debate itself, as specified in the Regulations of the Upper House.

And the PP wants to activate, according to sources in Genoa, “all” possibilities, to make the Senate a torture rack for the Government’s plans. First, against the amnesty, then, as opposition strikerif Sánchez’s investiture is consummated: “We are going to use our power in the Senate to portray the PSOE.”

That’s what they want to do popular: force the three regional presidents of the PSOE to get wet about the possibility of wiping the slate clean for the independence leaders who declared the independence of Catalonia in 2017 or who participated in crimes already tried to try to achieve secession.

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