The PP will redouble its offensive against the PSOE after Feijóo’s investiture

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This Tuesday the PP activated its power in the Senate to try to “portray” the three barons of the PSOE –Emiliano Garcia-Page, Mary Chivite y Adrian Barbón– and that they have to speak out for or against the hypothetical amnesty for the crimes of the process, which is the demand that Junts per Catalunya makes of Pedro Sánchez in exchange for their votes to invest him as president. This is the second step that the popular in the same direction, after confirming on Monday a territorial offensive with motions to vote yes or no to the criminal clean slate.

But Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s offensive will not stop there. When his investiture passes – which he already considers lost, after confirming that only 172 of the 350 deputies are going to support him -, the PP will focus on “stressing the socialists more” to try to get those who have always been against the amnesty raise your voice and help stop it. “At this moment we are two weeks away from Feijóo’s investiture, after that we will intensify the strategy,” explain sources from Genoa.

Specifically, the PP plans to once again point out on social networks all the deputies from the PSOE territories who had been against this pact with the independentists, with photos and with an appeal that they not go against their own newspaper library or against that of the leaders of his party.

In addition, Feijóo asked the barons, behind closed doors at their meeting on Monday in Genoa, to support the national leadership in raising the price of Pedro Sánchez’s investiture. Various barons contacted by this newspaper believe that there will be an investiture of the general secretary of the PSOE, but they add that there are increasingly more possibilities of electoral repetition, because the amnesty does not fit into the Constitution. This is also stated by Feijóo’s team: “All the jurists we have consulted say that it cannot be done.”

Feijóo spoke about all this yesterday in an interview in The Critical Lookin Telecincowhich was where he announced that the Senate – where the PP has an absolute majority – will call a General Commission of the Autonomies so that all regional presidents have to give their opinion on the amnesty, including the three remaining barons of the PSOE, who are “burned”, in their opinion, like the entire party, by Sanchismo.

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